The Seer medal is awarded for new portals approved by Niantic Labs.

Niantic Labs found it difficult to keep up with the portal submission backlog. As a result, the status of the Seer medal has evolved over time:

12 September 2013: The Seer medal is introduced.

1 January 2015: The Seer medal is suspended. What this means is that starting at this date, new portal submissions do not count toward the Seer medal. Niantic continues to process submissions, and those submitted before the cutoff date still count toward the Seer medal. The “Portals Discovered” statistic on the agent profile shows all approvals, whether they were submitted before the cutoff date or not. Niantic states that the suspension of the Seer medal is intended to be temporary.

3 September 2015: Niantic Labs disables portal submissions, indicating that they will return once the system has been overhauled.

17 November 2016: Niantic Labs announces the private beta of Operation Portal Recon, a new system for validating candidate portals. It is initially available only to specifically-invited agents in certain regions of the world. Portal submissions remain disabled and the Seer medal remains suspended.

10 May 2017: OPR leaves private beta, becoming available to all level 16 agents. People begin receiving Seer medal upgrades as their pre-cutoff submissions are approved. Post-cutoff submissions still don’t count and portal submissions remain disabled.

12 Jun 2017: OPR access is extended to level 15 agents. The Recon medal is also announced.

27 June 2017: OPR access is extended to level 14 agents.

5 July 2017: OPR access is extended to level 13 agents.

11 July 2017: OPR access is extended to level 12 agents. Niantic indicates that they do not intend to lower the level requirement further at this time.

22 August 2017: A teardown of Ingress 1.122.0 reveals that changes have been introduced into the scanner toward enabling portal submissions at a future date.

Tier Portals
Bronze 10
Silver 50
Gold 200
Platinum 500
Onyx 5,000