Mission Creator Tool

The Mission Creator Tool is a web application by Niantic that allows agents at level 7 or higher to create missions.

After signing in to the Mission Creator Tool, you will be shown a list of your existing missions, if any. Missions can be in one of several possible states:

  • Unpublished: The mission is not available to be played by agents.
  • Unpublished, pending approval: The mission has been submitted for approval by Niantic. It is not yet available to be played by agents.
  • Published with no draft: The mission is available to be played by agents and has no unapproved modifications.
  • Published with a draft: You have begun modifying a published mission. The original version remains playable, but your modifications aren’t.
  • Published, draft pending approval: Your modifications to the mission have been submitted for approval by Niantic. The original version is still playable.

Missions which are currently published can be edited or unpublished. Missions which are unpublished can be edited or deleted. If a published mission has a draft version, you can choose to edit or discard the draft. There is also a button to create a brand new mission. You may submit up to 180 missions.

Creating a mission has four steps:

Step 1: Select Mission Type

There are two types of missions:

  • Sequential: Agents are required to visit all mission waypoints in order.
  • Any Order: Agents are only required to visit all the waypoints; order does not matter.

If you choose “Sequential,” you may optionally specify that the waypoint locations be hidden, in which case you will be required to provide clues for agents to find them.

Step 2: Edit Mission Details

On this screen, you will provide a title and a description for the mission, and upload an image that will be used for the mission’s logo and medal.

Step 3: Choose Waypoints

This screen displays a map showing portals which you can use as waypoints for your mission. If there are too many in one area, a cloud will be displayed in that area with a number indicating the number of potential waypoints it represents. The waypoints for your mission are displayed as circles; if they must be visited sequentially, they’ll be numbered and the path between them will be drawn. To add a waypoint to the mission, select it on the map to view details about it, then click “Add Waypoint.” The “Live Missions” button will show you other nearby missions.

Along the right side of the screen is the list of waypoints for your mission. Each has controls on the right side to move them up and down the list or to remove them from the list. You can also select any individual waypoint to select the action to be performed by the agent at that waypoint, and optionally provide a custom description. The available actions are:

  • Hack this portal
  • Install a mod on this portal
  • Capture or upgrade portal
  • Create link from portal
  • Create field from portal
  • Enter the passphrase (in which case, you will be required to provide the passphrase)

At the top of the mission list is a search box to help you find a mission waypoint, which can be useful if you have a lot of them.

Step 4: Preview Mission

The last step allows you to review your mission. If everything looks good, click “Submit Mission” to send it to Niantic for approval. If you want to change something, select a previous step in the breadcrumb trail at the top or click “Back.”