Research bounties are a mechanic which grants rewards for completing certain tasks.

Each day at midnight, you will be given four bounties. Each bounty has a task to perform and items that you will receive as a reward for completing it. Claiming two bounties in one day grants 2,000 AP in addition to the individual bounty rewards, and claiming all four grants 5,000 AP.

Completing a bounty increases the “Research Bounties Completed” statistic on your agent profile, while completing all four bounties in a single day increases the “Research Days Completed” statistic.

Bounties Screen

To view your current bounties, tap the suitcase icon at the lower-right of the scanner screen. The icon will have a yellow notification dot on it if there are any completed bounties to claim. From top to bottom, the bounties screen is laid out as follows:

  • AP rewards: The top section shows your progress toward claiming the AP rewards for completing two or all four bounties.
  • Refresh timer: Displays the time until the bounties are refreshed (midnight).
  • Bounty list: This section lists the four current bounties.
    • Each incomplete bounty is displayed in blue, and shows the task to be performed, a progress bar toward completing it, and the rewards you’ll receive. Tap any incomplete bounty to display a popup dialog that gives more detail about the bounty; dismiss this dialog by tapping its “CLOSE” button.
    • Completed, unclaimed bounties are shown in orange with a large black checkmark; tap it to claim the associated reward. You will not be able to claim a bounty’s reward if there is insufficient room in your inventory.
    • Claimed bounties are black with a large orange checkmark. You can still view the detail dialog by tapping a claimed bounty.
  • “Claim All” button: Tap this button to claim all completed but unclaimed bounty rewards at once.
  • “Resync” button: Causes your scanner to reload bounty data from the server. This can help if the display appears to be incorrect.
  • Close button: Dismisses the bounties screen.