The scanner is the in-game term for the Ingress application.

Below is a description of the main scanner screen:

  • By default, your position is shown as a gold arrow. (This avatar can be customized in the store.) The arrow is supposed to point the direction you are facing, but in practice this often doesn’t work as intended.
  • The gold ring around your position represents your action range (40 meters). Most actions in the game require the object you are interacting with to be inside this ring.
  • You can rotate the display by swiping with a single finger. If you have the dynamic compass feature on, the display will also rotate as you rotate the device.
  • Zoom in and out with a two-finger pinch gesture, or double-tap-and-hold and then slide up and down. Zooming in far enough brings your perspective under any overhead control fields.
  • XM is visible as glowing dots on the map. To collect it, move so that it is inside your action ring.
  • Portals appear as glowing fountains. Tap a portal to view its information card. To interact with it, you will usually need to move so that it is within your action ring. Long-pressing a portal will bring up a hacking swipe menu shortcut.
  • If no portals are within 500 m, up to two small panels will appear showing the closest portals. Tap the image for one of the portals to bring up the remote portal view.
  • Along the top edge is your AP progress bar. This shows your AP progress toward the next level. Tap this to view your progress numerically.
  • Below that on the right is your agent name and current level. Tapping this will open the agent profile screen.
  • On the left below the AP progress bar is your icon. Tapping the icon will also open the agent profile screen.
  • Around your icon is the XM reserves meter. If you have an active hypercube, it will have its own meter outside the reserves meter.
  • Below the XM reserves meter is the quick cube button. This lets you quickly access power cubes for replenishing your reserves.
  • Below your agent name and level is the activities panel, showing the most recent activities within your comm range. Tap it to open the comm screen with the “Activities” tab selected.
  • Below the activities panel is the compass, which displays which way is north. Tap it to toggle between dynamic and static compass. If dynamic compass is active, the red compass arrow will have a white tip.
  • At the bottom-left is the inventory panel. It displays how many items you have in total, and also breaks that down into number of keys and number of non-key items. Tap the panel to open your inventory.
  • At the bottom-right is the alert panel, showing your most recent alert. Tap it to open the comm screen with the “Alerts” tab selected.
  • Between the inventory and alert panels is the ops menu button. The ops menu gives you access to:
  • The Inventory, Attack, and Comm options from the ops menu are available with swipe actions. Touch the ops menu button and swipe up and left for inventory, up and right for comm, and straight up to attack.