Beacons: target, Resistance, meetup, Enlightened, Niantic, Obsidian, Initio, Aegis Nova, Via Lux, Via Noir, 13MAGNUS Reawakens, EXO5

beacon is a premium item that can be applied to a portal to visibly mark it for all other agents.


As with all premium items, beacons cannot be hacked, droppedrecycled, or inserted into capsules. You can only obtain them by purchasing them from the store. At this writing, one pack of three costs 1,300 CMU.

The following beacons are available at all times from the store:

  • Enlightened symbol
  • Resistance symbol
  • Meetup (a pair of mugs)
  • Target (hexagon with an arrow pointing at it)

Note that the faction symbol beacons can be purchased and deployed by agents of either faction.

The following beacons are or have been available as part of special limited edition packs in the store:

  • Niantic logo
  • Obsidian anomaly logo
  • Aegis Nova anomaly logo
  • Via Lux anomaly logo
  • Via Noir anomaly logo
  • 13MAGNUS Reawakens anomaly logo
  • EXO5 anomaly logo

The game resources also include a beacon texture for the Initio anomaly logo, but we are unaware of any time when this beacon has been made available to agents.

Ingress 1.118.0 added the Lawson Station beacon. This was used to mark Lawson locations for a special promotion in Japan. To our knowledge, this has never been deployable by agents as a regular beacon. This beacon was subsequently removed in version 1.122.0.


To deploy a beacon, stand within 40 meters of your target portal, then select the desired beacon from your inventory. Tap “Use” to see nearby portals, then select the target portal and tap “Confirm” on the dialog that appears. Only one beacon can be deployed on a portal at a time. As they are considered powerups and not mods, they do not occupy a mod slot. When you deploy a beacon, you are awarded 500 AP, and a notice is sent out in the comm. A beacon that has been deployed on a portal will last for four hours, even if the portal is neutralized or flipped.

Deployed beacons are displayed in the scanner above the target portal as a rotating holographic display. Portals with deployed beacons are also ornamented on the intel map:

beacons intel