An access point exploit (commonly called apex) is a premium, very rare boost which grants an agent increased AP for 30 minutes.


To activate an apex, select it in your inventory and tap “Use.” Once activated, your avatar will be surrounded by a red circle and a timer will appear on your scanner showing how much time the apex has left. A small up arrow is shown next to the AP amount to show that it was multiplied by the apex. Apexes cannot stack, but activating an apex while your AP is already boosted will simply extend the timer. You can extend the timer up to a maximum of 2 hours.


Currently, only 2× apexes are available. Niantic has indicated that in the future, 1.5× and 1.25× variants may appear.


As will all premium items, an apex cannot be dropped, hacked, recycled, or put into capsules. Apexes can be obtained by purchasing them with chaotic matter units in the store. Agents who level up to levels 2 through 8 receive an apex 2× in their field kit.


  • The apex was released on 2 April 2020. A pack of four free apex 2× was made available for a limited time in the store.