The portal fracker is a premium boost which doubles a portal‘s hack yield for all agents.


The portal fracker is a premium item. As with all premium items, frackers cannot be hacked, droppedrecycled, or inserted into capsules. You can only obtain them by purchasing them from the store. At this writing, one fracker costs 2,400 CMU, a pack of five frackers costs 9,600 CMU, and a pack of 10 costs 14,900 CMU.


To deploy a portal fracker, stand within range of your target portal (which can be friendly, enemy or neutral). Then select the fracker from your inventory and tap the “Use” button to see nearby portals. Select the desired target portal and tap “Confirm.” A portal may only have one fracker deployed on it at a time. As frackers are boosts and not mods, they do not occupy a mod slot.


Deploying a portal fracker carries no XM cost. Upon deploying a fracker, you are awarded 500 AP and a public notification is sent out in the comm. Fracked portals manifest with a pulsating glow on the scanner, and with a special ornament in the intel map:

frakker intel

During the time that the fracker is active, the portal’s hack yield for all agents is doubled. It is not simply that average yield of the portal is doubled, but each item hacked from the portal is then duplicated. Thus, with a fracker you can hack two portal keys with a single hack, which is not possible without one. The doubled items won’t necessarily have the same rarity, however; you might end up with a rare and a common shield rather than two rare shields, for example. A fracker has no effect on the portal’s cooldown and burnout rules.


A portal fracker lasts for 150 hacks by any agents or 10 minutes, whichever comes first. Flipping the portal or destroying its resonators has no effect on the fracker. When the fracker expires, all resonators on the target portal lose half their XM charge.