Portal modifiers (typically called mods) are items which can be installed on friendly portals to improve their stats. (The term “deployed” is also in use, but “installed” is preferred here because it is the term used by the scanner, and in order to distinguish the action from that of deploying resonators.)


See the Install Mod article for information on how mods are used.


There are seven different types of portal mods:


Stickiness is a property of mods which is not displayed in the scanner or the intel map and has rarely been publicly discussed by Niantic. Its existence was originally discovered by agents who have examined the raw data received by the intel map from Ingress servers. For a long time, the only information we knew for sure regarding stickiness was that a higher stickiness value was considered “better.” [source] An interview[Japanese][English] in early 2016 with Kei Kawai of Niantic revealed some additional details: when a critical hit is scored against a portal, the game performs a “stickiness roll” for each mod. If it fails the roll, the mod is destroyed. The higher the stickiness, the more likely the mod will withstand a critical hit. This implies that mods do not have a health meter like resonators do: a mod that survives an attack is no weaker than it was before the attack.

Mod Stickiness
Rare Shields 150,000
SoftBank Ultra Links 150,000
Turrets 200,000
Very Rare Shields 450,000
Aegis Shields 550,000
All others 0


  • On 26, December 2018 the Aegis Shield Stickiness was nerfed from 800,000 to 550,000.