Ultra strikes are leveled items that are area-effect weapons designed to destroy enemy resonators and mods. They work just like XMPs, but inflict more damage with a much smaller blast radius, and have a significantly higher chance of critical hits. Despite having a rarity of very common, ultra strikes drop significantly less frequently than XMPs.


See the Attack article for information about using ultra strikes.


Note: A recent update to the Ingress scanner has strengthened ultra strikes. At this writing, we do not yet have the new numbers, so the table below still shows the old values.

Level Fire
Range Recycle
1 50 XM 300 XM 10 m 20 XM 3,000%
2 100 XM 600 XM 13 m 40 XM 3,000%
3 150 XM 1,000 XM 16 m 60 XM 1,429%
4 200 XM 1,800 XM 18 m 80 XM 1,286%
5 250 XM 2,400 XM 21 m 100 XM 960%
6 300 XM 3,000 XM 24 m 120 XM 833%
7 350 XM 3,600 XM 27 m 140 XM 735%
8 400 XM 5,400 XM 30 m 160 XM 844%

* Does not include firing bonuses, critical hits or mitigation


The ultra strike was invented by Oliver Lynton-Wolfe under the patronage of IQTech. At the time they were originally released, they were only available to agents who had certain Motorola devices. On 8 May 2014, the ultra strike was made available to all agents.

Ingress Prime

The ultra strike is visible in leaked Ingress Prime footage: (Image credit: anonymous via Chen Liu)