Your inventory is where items are stored in your scanner. You can view your inventory by selecting the corresponding tab in the ops screen.

The items in your inventory are displayed on cards in a carousel. You can scroll through the cards by swiping left and right. Use the scrollbar to scroll more quickly.

Each card displays an image of the item in question. At the top of the card, the item’s name and level (if applicable) are shown. If you have more than one of that item, the count is shown at the upper-right. The item’s rarity is shown at the bottom.

Portal key cards are a little different: they display the portal’s photo instead of the image of the portal key itself. The top of the card shows the portal’s level at the upper-left and the emblem of the faction that currently owns the portal at the upper-right. Just below this are eight meters, showing the current strength of each resonator. The bottom of the card displays the name and address of the portal, and its current distance from you.

The button at the bottom-left allows you to filter the list by category, and shows you how many items are in each category. Of particular importance is the value for “All”; this is the total number of items in your inventory. When this reaches or exceeds 2,000 items, the number will turn red and you can’t obtain more items until you reduce your inventory below 2,000. When the portal key category is selected, a button will appear at the lower-right that allows you sort them by distance or name.

You can tap any card in your inventory to see the detail view, which gives more information and actions you can perform with that item. All non-premium items offer the following actions in their detail view:

  • Drop: Discard this item on the ground. This is mainly useful for transferring the item to another agent.
  • Recycle: Allows you to select how many of the item to recycle, then destroys the selected number of items in exchange for XM.

Certain items provide additional actions from their detail view:

  • Audio and video media can be played.
  • Portal keys display a remote view of the portal in their detail view. Tapping the portal brings up its information card, the same as if you tapped the portal while standing near it. You can also remotely recharge the portal.
  • Power cubes display a “Use” button. Tapping it will consume the power cube and add its XM to your reserves.
  • Lawson power cubes also have a “Use” button which activates the cube. The “Use” button is disabled if you already have an LPC active.
  • XMPs and ultra strikes have a “Fire” button which pulls up the firing screen when tapped.
  • Flip cards, portal frackers and beacons have a “Use” button. Tapping it allows you to select what portal to use it on.
  • Capsules have “Load” and “Unload” buttons to transfer items between the capsule and your inventory.

Item Cap

Your inventory is capped at 2,000 items. In general, this means that any attempt to gain more items while at or over the item cap will fail, but getting more items while below the item cap will succeed, even if it results in going over the item cap. For example, if you have 2,000 items, you cannot hack a portal. If you recycle an item so that you now have 1,999 items, you can hack it, and will get to keep all the items you get, even though it puts you over 2,000.

There are several exceptions to this rule:

  • You cannot pick up a capsule that would put you at or over the item cap, even if you’re currently under it.
  • You can always unload key lockers, even if doing so will put you at or over the item cap.
  • You will always get all the items awarded in a field kit, even if you are already at or over the item cap.