Your inventory is where items are stored in your scanner. You can view your inventory by tapping the inventory status display at the lower-left of your scanner screen, or by selecting the Inventory button in the ops menu.

The inventory management screen has separate views for portal keys versus other inventory items. You can switch between these two views (and jump to the store) using the tabs at the bottom. The number portal keys and other items you have are displayed next to their corresponding tabs, and the total count is shown at the bottom-left.

Inventory Tab

The items in your inventory are displayed in a carousel at the top. Below that is a second carousel for the categories of items; tap a category to quickly scroll the upper carousel to the first item in that category. Next to each icon in the category carousel is a number showing how many items you have in that category.

Below the carousels is the multi-select button. Tap it to see all levels or rarities of items in the currently-selected category. Tap a tile to select all items of that level or rarity. After selecting the desired items, you can bulk recycle them by tapping the “Recycle” button.

Tap an item in the inventory to get more information about that item and additional options:

  • Select a number of that item (using the “-” and “+” keys) and recycle them.
  • Drop that item.
  • For weapons, tap “Fire” to pull up the attack drawer.
  • For power cubes, tap “Use” to open the quick cube drawer.
  • For capsules, tap “Manage” to load/unload it.
  • For frackers and beacons, tap “Use” to install it on a portal.
  • For media, tap “Play” to view/listen to it.

Portal Keys

Your keys are displayed in a vertical list of cards. Each card displays a photo of the portal, along with its name, level, distance, number of keys, address, and resonator status. Each resonator is displayed as a meter (green for Enlightened, blue for Resistance), with a dot above any resonator that is fully charged. You can sort the keys by name or distance by using the selector at the bottom-right.

The multi-select button is also present here; this allows you to tap cards to select them, and then bulk recycle them. If you have only one key selected, you will also have the option to recycle it.

Tap a card to see the portal description, other photos, and to vote on photos, as well as being able to charge the portal or drop the key. Tap the photo to see a remote view of that portal.

Item Cap

Your inventory is capped at 2,000 items. In general, this means that any attempt to gain more items while at or over the item cap will fail, but getting more items while below the item cap will succeed, even if it results in going over the item cap. For example, if you have 2,000 items, you cannot hack a portal. If you recycle an item so that you now have 1,999 items, you can hack it, and will get to keep all the items you get, even though it puts you over 2,000.

There are several exceptions to this rule:

  • You cannot pick up a capsule that would put you over the item cap, even if you’re currently under it.
  • You can always unload key lockers, even if you are at or over the item cap before unloading it.
  • You will always get all the items awarded in a field kit, even if you are already at or over the item cap.