The Settings screen provides options for configuring your scanner and performing other miscellaneous functions. You can access it via the ops menu. Below is a list of all entries on the Settings screen. Settings marked with an asterisk (*) are stored in your Niantic account rather than your device, and thus will apply to all devices on your account and persist after clearing app data or a factory reset.

Portal Contributions

  • Enable Portal Scanning: Until you activate this option, you cannot scan portals.
  • Download Niantic Lightship AR: This allows portal overclocking and enhances portal scanning with a visual display of which areas have and have not been scanned. This button only appears if if Niantic Lightship AR is not already downloaded.
  • Upload All: If you have any portal scans that haven’t been uploaded yet, this button will allow you to begin uploading them to Niantic.
  • Manage: View the list of contributions waiting to be uploaded. You can individually upload or delete them from this screen. The “Upload All” button appears here as well.
  • Cancel All: Cancels a contribution upload in progress. Only appears while uploading contributions.

Sound & Vibration

  • Background
  • Effects
  • Speech
  • Vibration: None, Default, All
  • Head Tracking Headphones: If supported by your headphones, this will cause audio panning to adjust automatically when you turn your head to provide greater directionality of sound.

Lighting Dynamics

Adjusts the brightness and contrast of map and display elements automatically. Click “Configure” to enable/disable lighting dynamics, and adjust the strength of the effect with the slider. Agents using iOS devices can also set it to automatic mode, causing it to adjust based on the device’s current brightness level.

Adventure Sync

Enabling this feature allows the scanner to count your walking distance all the time. If it is disabled, walking distance is only counted while the scanner is open. This affects the Trekker medal and the kinetic capsule.

Map Orientation

Provides a checkbox to toggle between static and dynamic compass. The dynamic compass attempts to use your device’s magnetometer to orient the scanner view dynamically as you rotate. (This doesn’t work very well for many devices.) The static compass leaves it to you to rotate the scanner view yourself. You can also toggle this setting by tapping the compass on the main scanner screen.

Battery Saver Mode

This mode will turn the screen black with a faint Ingress logo when it detects that the phone is upside-down, reducing energy consumption by the screen when Ingress is not actively being used.

Push Notifications

Allows you to control device notifications for various in-game events.

  • You are mentioned in COMM
  • Portal under attack
  • Recruiting and faction activity
  • News stories
  • Events, offers, and updates


Controls your email subscriptions:

  • Game notifications (portal under attack, etc.)
  • Send me events, offers, and updates

Agent Profile*

Provides a checkbox that controls whether other agents can see the statistics section of your profile. Before the Guardian medal was retired, the most common reason agents did this was to hide their Guardian count. Now there is little reason to do this, although some agents are just secretive.

Blocked Agents*

Allows you to view the list of agents you have blocked and unblock any of them if you desire.

Agent Primer

Access to information for new agents. The Ingress Agent Primer is given automatically to new agents. Returning agents can view it by tapping the “Restart” button here. If the tutorial is in progress, this button will say “Cancel” instead; click it to stop the tutorial. Click the “View” button next to the “Additional Resources” label to see links to more information. Along with another button to restart the training, these include:

Help Center

  • Go: Visit the Ingress Help Center in your browser.
  • REPORT PROBLEM: Takes you to an article which provides a link to the Ingress support forum and describes how to properly submit a bug report.


Displays your agent name and provides buttons to link and unlink your account with the following networks:

  • Apple (iOS only)
  • Facebook
  • Google

A linked account will have the account name listed underneath. Tap the button to the right of each account to link or unlink it. Note that this will affect all Niantic games, not just Ingress.

There are two additional buttons:

  • Sign Out: It is against the Ingress Terms of Service for one agent to have multiple accounts, or for multiple agents to share one account. However, multiple agents, each with their own account, are allowed to share the same device. This option allows you to disconnect your scanner from your agent account so that another agent can sign in. Most agents won’t need this functionality.
  • Delete: Deletes your Ingress account. After performing this action, you will no longer be an Ingress agent, and you will lose access to your account.

Open Source License

Displays the licenses for the open source libraries used by Ingress. This is provided for legal purposes and is not useful to you as an agent.

Niantic Labs Innovations

Controls miscellaneous scanner behavior:

  • Native Refresh Rate: Causes Ingress‘s refresh rate to match your device’s native refresh rate. This can result in smoother display.
  • Nearby Portal Indicators: If no portals are visible on screen, this will cause indicators to appear showing the direction and distance to up to three nearby portals.
  • Auto Confirm Item Pickup: With this feature enabled, you can pick up items on the ground automatically by tapping them, without having to confirm first.

Build Number

The build number for the version of the scanner installed on your device is displayed below the close button.