The store is where agents can purchase premium items and avatars. (Not to be confused with the Ingress Shop, an online storefront which sells real-world merchandise.) The items are purchased with chaotic matter units (CMU), which can also be obtained from the store with real-world currency.

The store is accessed from the OPS menu. You can see your CMU balance at the upper-right of the store screen. Before you can purchase premium items, you must have sufficient CMU in your store balance. At this writing, CMU is available in the following lot sizes:

Lot Size Cost (USD) CMU/USD
2,500 CMU $1.99 1256.3
7,000 CMU $4.99 1402.8
15,000 CMU $9.99 1501.5
32,000 CMU $19.99 1600.8
90,000 CMU $49.99 1800.4
200,000 CMU $99.99  2000.2

If you attempt to purchase an item with an insufficient amount of CMU in your store balance, you will be prompted to purchase more.

Note that premium items cannot be hacked, droppedrecycled (except for the apex), or inserted into capsules.


The store first became available on 25 October 2015.