The training tab on the ops screen provides access to the Ingress tutorial. You can return to this tab to at any time to resume or replay the training exercises, or to abort an exercise in progress. During training, the actual in-game objects (portals, links, inventory, etc.) are removed, and temporary ones are provided as needed by the current training exercise. The current objective is displayed on the scanner screen near the top. You can tap this display to return to the training mission screen.

Training is divided into eight exercises:

  1. First Contact: The prospective agent is contacted by ADA and asked to choose a faction. Replaying this exercise does not allow the agent to change factions.
  2. Retrieve XM: The new agent learns what XM is and how to obtain it, and is tasked with collecting 1,000 XM.
  3. Hack a Portal: The agent is introduced to portals and is required to hack one. If there is a portal nearby, that one is used for this exercise; otherwise, a temporary one is created. It will always be presented as an enemy portal with a single L1 resonator.
  4. Fire XMP: The agent is asked to attack the portal from the previous exercise. The agent is provided with a single L1 XMP.
  5. Deploy Resonator: The agent now learns how to deploy resonators on portals, and is tasked with capturing the neutralized portal from the previous exercise. The agent is provided with a single L1 resonator.
  6. Resonating: The newly-captured portal now has four L1 resonators on it, but all four are at critical energy levels. The agent must hack the portal to obtain four L1 resonators, deploy them on the portal so that all its resonators slots are full, and recharge the remaining resonators so that they are above critical.
  7. Links: The agent learns how to link portals. At first, only the portal from the previous mission is shown. The agent hacks it and gets a key, then five more neutral portals spawn around it. Once they select one, the other four disappear. Hacking this portal provides eight L1 resonators and a key. The agent must then fully power this portal, then link the two portals together using either of the keys.
  8. Fields: The agent learns how to create control fields. The agent is first required to repeat the actions from the previous mission. After the two portals are linked, more neutral portals spawn, and the agent must pick one to capture and fully power, then link to the other two to create a control field.