Part 1 – The Basics

Exotic Matter (XM)

  • You need XM to do almost any action
  • Portals emit a high amount of XM
  • Tap the XM bar to see the numerical value of your XM


Access Points (AP)

  • AP more or less is “Exp”
  • Tap the XM bar to see the numerical value of your AP
  • Tap your avatar to see your Agent Profile
    • Current AP
    • AP to next level
    • Current level
    • Avatar (Tap to customize)
    • Achievement badges
    • Stats



  • Your Inventory and Settings


Communications (COMM)

  • This is your chat
  • Make sure to set COMM to Local to stay in touch with Agents in your area
  • Use faction chat for secure transmissions



  • Use the Intel map to locate portals in your area (
  • Blue portals are owned by the Resistance
  • Green portals are owned by the Enlightened
  • Gray portals are neutral / unclaimed
  • Get within <40 meters to interact with a portal (The ring around you represents a 40 meter radius)
  • Hack portals for items


Links / Fields

  • Collecting keys allows for the creation of links
  • Having a key allows you to link to that portal from other portals (the key is consumed after a successful link is made)
  • Form triangles by linking portals to create a Control field
  • Triangles, triangles, triangles. It’s all about the triangles


Low level leveling

  • Deploy resonators on neutral portals to claim them
  • Deploy resonators on open slots on friendly portals
  • Create lots of small links and fields
  • Recharge portals
  • Hack enemy portals for AP, but watch out, they hurt.