• You must wait a period of 5 minutes for cooldown before hacking the same portal again
  • Adding a Heat Sink mod will reduce the cooldown period between hacks
  • Hacking the same portal 4 times within a 4 hour period will burnout the portal. You must wait 4 hours before you can hack that portal again
  • Adding a Multi-hack mod will allow you to continue hacking a portal beyond its burnout limit



  • To fire an XMP blast, push and hold on the screen, then move your finger to Fire XMP
  • Push and hold the Fire button to increase the power of your XMP burst. The closer the energy is to the center when you release, the higher bonus you’ll get (max 20% increase)
  • Once you’ve started attacking, XM will be drained, and the portal may attack back
  • You do the most damage with an XMP burst when you stand close to the resonator(s)



  • Place resonators at max distance (~39m) to make them harder to destroy
  • Place Shield mod(s) to boost the defences of a portal
  • Place Turret mod(s) to boost the frequency of attacks
  • Place Force Amp mod(s) to boost the amount of damage done from each attack


XM Management

  • Recycle items for small amounts of XM
  • Power Cubes are a one time use item to recharge XM
  • The XM received is determined by the level of the Power Cube x 1000 (Ex: L6 Power Cube gives 6000 XM)


Links / Fields

  • Don’t link to any available portal just because you can. Think before you link. Maximize AP. (Show visual of blocked links/fields and potential AP lost)
  • You get the same amount of AP, no matter how large the field. (You do however, get more Mind Units the larger a field is)
  • Mind Units (MU) determine which side is currently winning on a global scale. (Some might debate this)
  • When you destroy a link, sometimes a key is dropped
  • To determine which portal the key might drop at, check the flow of the link. If dropped, it will be at the portal the link was flowing to