• Portals naturally decay every day, keep them recharged
  • If you have the key to a portal, you can remotely recharge it (range decreases efficiency)
  • You can charge resonators individually


Power management

  • Don’t let low battery life stop you while out in the field
  • Close Apps you don’t need open
  • Dim your screen brightness
  • Considering buying an external battery pack


Links / Fields

  • You cannot link from portals that are covered by a field.
  • When a portal is covered by a field, you can link to it from the outside portals of that field.
  • With these rules in mind, you can layer fields. (This example is known as a Double Field)
  • Another example of layering, Ladder Building


Ultra Strikes

  • Condensed XMP, very powerful, short distance
  • Ultra Strikes have a higher chance to break shields than an XMP (stand close to the center of the portal)
  • Great for single resonator destruction (especially when someone is recharging)


The Compass

  • Tap the Compass needle to enable Dynamic Compass mode
  • The red needle always points North
  • When deploying, the hexagon with the red dot is the North point of the portal.
  • An easy mnemonic for Compass directions (N E S W): Never Eat Sour Watermelon
  • Deploy highest level resonators inside hard to access areas (like in the middle of water, behind a fence, inside a building)



  • Flips a portal to a new alignment (Depending on Jarvis or ADA)
  • An ADA will flip a green portal to blue
  • A Jarvis will flip a blue portal to green
  • Costs XM 1000 * Portal level to use. Ex: To use a virus on an L8 portal, you’d need at least 8000 XM
  • Links are destroyed, but no AP is awarded
  • This is a one hour cooldown period before another virus can be used on a portal. Using a virus on a portal before this cooldown will still use the virus, so be careful
  • Resonators are recharged to full



  • Queue up empowered bursts in a row to fire more rapidly
  • Collect XM in the area when getting attacked to starve your opponents of XM
  • Deploy resonators on portals as they are being destroyed (alternating method)
  • Remote charge during an attack (More effective as a group)
  • Links will boost the defense of a portal (8 links adds up to 50% mitigation)


Glyph Hacking

  • You can get additional items from a Hack via Glyph Hacking
  • To initiate a Glyph Hack, press and hold the Hack button
  • Memorize the Glyphs displayed in order
  • Draw the Glyphs you memorized
  • ???
  • Profit