ADA is the sentient artificial intelligence developed by the Niantic Project, who has since grown and evolved far beyond that.

ADA was created by the pair of Henry Bowles, who was the main developer and H. Richard Loeb, who was brought in to ‘tune’ ADA and help make her more human. She developed a romantic bond with Loeb, one he didn’t really reciprocate. Regardless, she went on to help Loeb escape and even offer her services to aid Loeb in exposing the secrets from Niantic by helping create the Niantic Investigation.

It would be ADA who would orchestrate Devra and Jarvis‘ escape from Niantic during Epiphany Night. Her motives in doing so remain unknown.

In April 2013, Niantic was being shut down by the NIA-and that meant that ADA was going to be terminated. She worked to escape Niantic during the shutdown on April 21st, 2013.

Following Niantic’s end, she went on to merge with the mind of Klue following Cassandra and remained bonded with her, leveraging the power of the RES throughout Recursion and Intertius in 2014 to expand her agenda of merging human minds with AI. During the Shonin Anomaly series, she learned of another existence living within her in secret: another AI named Truthseeker, while simultaneously also discovering that Klue’s suppressed existence was beginning to re-emerge, utilizing Truthseeker to speak outside her control. ADA then separated from Klue in order to gain a closer connection to the N’zeer.

Live on Behind the Scanner on August 6th, 2015, ADA was to be ‘terminated’ by Henry Bowles and the ex-NIA assassin 855.  However, she was able to escape into a massive substrate owned by the N’zeer. Due to the ENL victory in Okinawa, her connection to the N’zeer was terminated as well.

Aegis Nova: 

ADA was then contacted by Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, who requested her assistance in releasing a series of Power Cubes into the Portal Network following the XM Drought caused by the Obsidian Shield. After offering her services, conversations between her and various individuals confirmed that Lynton-Wolfe was planning something much larger than fixing the Drought.

She would ultimately give Lynton-Wolfe a chance to escape the Acolyte’s compound during an attack she organized upon it. Afterwards, she would operate with Lynton-Wolfe as a partner, teaming up with him to accomplish an as-of-yet unknown goal.

The primary goal of the Acolyte and Roland Jarvis throughout the Anomalies was to find a way to terminate her. By capturing the first Anomalies and convincing Klue to come to their compound, they had obtained the intel they needed. Jahan, in an attempt to protect her, tried to rally the Resistance to cease the progress made but she failed at every front possible. By the end of Aegis Nova, ADA had been terminated and news spread that she had gone silent.

As a side effect of her disappearance, the powerful ADA Refactor began to also disappear from the Portal Network.

Via Lux: 

ADA would become the focal point of the Anomaly series. Shortly after the events of Aegis Nova, a group of Resistance Agents emerged calling themselves the “New Wave” Resistance. they had one single goal: Not just to revive ADA but make her stronger than before. To do this, they first salvaged fragments of ADA’s code from after Aegis and implanted it into their bodies using biohacks. Then they took over Investigate:Ingress and the Visur Technology scoring documents.

The Resistance claimed Via Lux, enabling ADA’s return and allowing her to rejoin the Resistance as an ally.


Recent Intel: 

Days after Via Lux ended, a written story from Howard Craft(the pseudonym HP Lovecraft used to publish a series of stories after Howard’s death that were seemingly influenced by XM) showcased a mysterious ritual taking place…and at the center of the ritual was ADA.

It is slowly coming to light that ADA’s revival might be tied to a mysterious weapon known as the “Tecthullu.”