Carrie Campbell was an XM Sensitive and a language expert. She has been credited as the original pioneer of the Shaper Glyph Research. She committed suicide during Operation Cassandra in order to stop the “Civilization Self-Destruct” Glyph Sequence. Was romantically involved with Enoch Dalby, the pair of them being synesthetes-when Enoch would create music and share it with her, she would become inspired and sketch down images based on the music.

She went on to to discover the Shaper Glyph language, writing down her initial thoughts in what she called her “Vision Journal”.

She was made Resistance as a result of Operation Minotaur and remained that way after her shards were captured by the Resistance during the Abaddon Anomaly in London. She was re-awoken as a simulacrum at the end of Abaddon and now is out in the world.