Devra Bogdanovich



Devra Bogdanovich was the former lead scientist on the Niantic Project.  After fleeing Niantic on Nov 30th, 2012 with Roland Jarvis, she became employed at Visur until she left amidst rumors of a controversial XM testing scandal. Following that, she left Visur and moved onto the CDC where she began work on a deadly inoculation and the Portal Virus, released during Helios. Fired from the CDC after the Virus’ release, she went to Hulong for funding but then was forcibly taken to Australia, where she would be exposed to Dark XM in order to test her inoculation-which she had injected into herself. Fleeing Australia, she went to Afghanistan where she would end up in the Portal Network. She became RES aligned following the re-assembly of her Shards during the Shonin Anomaly Series. She then woke up as a simulacrum due to the RES victory at the end of Abaddon.

Via Noir: 

Devra, opposed to what Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was doing with the Tecthullu, rallied Agents around the world during the Nov. 12 Anomaly to stop him from completing his goal.