Edgar Allan Wright



Edgar Allan Wright used to be a professor at an unnamed university and also possessed some sort of relationship with Devra, who holds him in some negative regard. At some point before the Investigation he was the subject of an mental attack by unknown forces, causing massive memory problems and his messages, while cryptic, hold much value in terms when deciphered and understood.

“I don’t remember exactly. That is part of the void period. It is a time that I did not know I didn’t remember. I think it is forces of protection.  They didn’t kill me.  They just came at me and took things from me: my memory, maybe my volition and when it was over, my reputation.”

Following an epiphany on October 27th, 2013, he founded Operation Essex, a community where Investigators and Truthseekers work together to uncover the mysteries of the Niantic Project and the world around us.