H. Richard Loeb (P.A Chapeau)


Henri Richard Loeb, alternatively known as P.A Chapeau was the former Operator of the Niantic Project G+ Account and the originator of the website http://www.nianticproject.com. He began the Investigation in Nov. 2012 to unravel the mystery behind Ingress and Niantic.



Originally, his identity was unknown but he was exposed at the Magic Castle event on April 24th, 2013. Between the beginnings of the Investigation and that event, it was revealed that he may have been in a romantic relationship with another Investigator, Klue. Around that time it was also revealed that he had played a fundamental role in the development of ADA. He was contracted by the NIA before Niantic was fully created and was responsible for ‘tuning’ her and in a sense, teaching her how to function as human as possible.


He had remained a neutral party in the world of Ingress but following the events of #SaveKlue in Portland, in which Klue had become Enlightened, he declared himself Resistance. He continued to do so throughout the events of Operation Cassandra, working alongside Carrie Campbell, who had become RES following the events of Operation Minotaur. After Carrie’s suicide in Chicago and the news of Klue falling into a coma after meeting with ADA, Loeb had been advised to go off the grid and disconnect from the Investigation by Misty Hannah. He had finally taken this advice and on Oct. 1st, 2013, he left it all behind to Verity Seke and went silent.


Around the midway point of Recursion, he re-emerged, wanting to meet up with Klue in Nashville. Having done so, he continued to remain silent on the matter. He then went on to present to the general Investigative community questions regarding the current status of the situation at hand.


Things with Loeb began to heat up post-Darsana and when Shonin began in 2015. Klue had somehow managed to discover a blind spot within ADA and began using it to make contact with him. Soon it became clear that ADA and her were going to split up. Klue, making contact with her, asked Susanna to help her. She then discovered Loeb’s secret: Before he was brought in to ‘tune’ ADA for Niantic, he had created Truthseeker (a sentient AI) that he created in one night at the NSA in 1997. Oh, and don’t bother asking him about it-he has no recollection of the entire event. Essentially Loeb made this program and then used it as part of the creation process of ADA.


Loeb eventually used the secret of Truthseeker to separate Klue from ADA during Persepolis. Afterward, he continued to post questions and thoughts to his G+. On January 2nd, 2016, he released a brand new Investigation website at investigate.ingress.com