Hubert Farlowe was one of the NIA cleaners sent to kill Roland Jarvis and Devra Bogdanovich in Zurich. As he is examining the bodies, a green glow surrounds him and leaves him disoriented. He is sent by Jay Phillips to find Devra and finish the job. Hubert tracks Devra to Zagreb. He encounters Devra and 855, a hired assassin, to the Skocjan Caves. He is shot by 855 during a gunfight and left in the cave to die. He managed to survive and is referred to as an ‘XM construct’, possibly similar to Roland Jarvis or Hank Johnson(during Recursion).

It was believed that after his ‘death’ he was terminated from the NIA.

Following this, he began to closely operate with Devra as her personal guardian, following her to Visur then to the CDC and finally all the way to Australia after Strategic Explorations were planning to terminate her.