Agent KodamaSmiles is a Enlightened Investigator who emerged in secret at the Via Lux Anomaly in Denver, Colorado. She was being studied from afar by the NIA, who noted that she might hold connections to the production crew of the Ingress Report.

In the Via Lux Anomaly in Cologne, she began to reveal that her mission was to somehow unravel what had happened to the IR’s previous host, Susanna Moyer as well as the Investigator Klue.

Since then, she has provided the Investigative community with her own thoughts and discoveries on various events. It remains unknown at this time if she is acting independently or if she serve hidden interests.

There was an event in San Francisco that Kodama arranged in order to attempt to reveal the identities of a group who had summoned her there but to no avail, as reported by P.A Chapeau.