Niantic Project


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Niantic Project is the center of the Investigation. Every couple of days, new intel will leak regarding the status of individuals and corporations and secret societies that play a role in the world of XM.

Originally created by H. Richard Loeb, it was passed onto Verity Seke in October 2013, who has been since revealed to be the Truthseeker AI.

Following Jan 2nd, Loeb took control of the Account while simultaneously creating a new hub of information in the form of the website


The Niantic Project is also the name of the mysterious XM research study that lies at the heart of Ingress. From what we know, it began in November 2012 at the European particle facility known as CERN. 13 Researchers were assembled to study Exotic Matter (XM), a new type of energy that had been theorized but never proven. What they discovered were two things:

  • First, XM was not rare. Overhead satellites found that the world was covered in it but it was not spread evenly. It was clustered around key sites, places of cultural, intellectual, and religious significance around the world (known in Ingress as Portals).
  • Second, the researchers found themselves responding to exposure to XM in unexpected ways. It seemed to increase intellectual ability, creativity and insight in some people but brought out darker aspects of the personality in others.

Eventually Devra discovered that the higher-ups of Niantic were allowing XM to be spread at a global level, and fled Niantic alongside Roland Jarvis. Their escape, orchestrated by ADA, coincided with a major event: Epiphany Night, the name given to the experiment gone wrong on Nov 30th, 2012. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe tested what would be known as the Power Cube, but the experiment backfired causing the Portal being tested on to release a mega-dose of XM, exposing the Researchers. Hank Johnson, however, wasn’t at the lab that night-he was in Africa. Devra later joined Visur and Jarvis was killed in Zurich.

On April 21st, 2014, the Niantic Project was discontinued and shut down.