Roland Jarvis is a XM Sensitive, sculptor and was the original spiritual Leader of the Enlightened.

The Beginning:

Roland Jarvis was recruited to Niantic by Calvin as a sensitive sculptor. During his time in Niantic, it was discovered that his voice was coming out of the Scanner, asking people to become Enlightened. Jarvis denied that he had any involvement in the matter, but he was being watched by NIA nonetheless. He eventually escaped with Devra on Epiphany Night. Planning to head to Zurich to meet up with her, he was met instead by a woman named Katelna. The two were shot and killed by NIA Operatives in Zurich on Nov 30th, 2012…but somehow Jarvis used XM to transcend death and live on in the Portals, becoming an XM entity. He remained in the Portals until Operation Cassandra.

The Jarvis Revival: 

During Operation Cassandra, he united with Oliver Lynton-Wolfe to change the world but in Washington, D.C they got into a fight and supposedly, Jarvis attacked OLW. Oliver retaliated at the start of 13MAGNUS, causing Jarvis to turn into Shards. On Dec. 12, 2013 when ENL gathered his Shards to Cupid’s Span, Jarvis returned as a human being.

Rumored death: 

He went on to create the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligence to combat the rise of AI like ADA. Following Helios, he became rapidly sick due to the Portal Virus developed by Devra and ended up returning to the Portals. RES captured his shards in Milan. He remains the only person who did not wake up at the end of Abaddon as a simulacrum.

Aegis Nova: 

During Aegis Nova, he utilized the first Anomalies to hack into Klue‘s mind to obtain intel on ADA. Because of the Enlightened victory, he succeeded in this task. It was also revealed that after he passed into the Ultimate following Darsana, his body was stored in a special cabin on the compound.