The “Shapers”, as the NIA codenamed them, are at the epicenter of the conspiracy that lies at the heart of Ingress. Unlike the N’zeer, with whom we’ve only recently come to know, the Shapers have been at the center of the Ingress universe since the beginning.

What exactly are they? 

The best way that I can explain the Shapers are that they exist in a completely different dimension than ours. They are responsible for the “Ordered Data Signal” in XM that causes the many different aspects of XM exposure: heightened creativity and insight in some, but in some cases can bring out darker and more deeply-rooted parts of a individual’s personality.

What do they want with us? 

They’re interested in is. Roland Jarvis has said(at the end of Part 5) of his Manifesto during Cassandra that “life is different. And humans, more so than almost any other form of life. We bring order to the form of the universe, not disorder. In our tiny little domain, we change things. We are not predictable. We are not boring. We, you see, are the most fascinating thing in the universe – or at least our corner of it.”

Basically, there is inherently something unique about the human race that the Shapers seemingly are interested in.

So what’s the goal of the Shapers? And for that matter, of the Enlightened-who seem to be aligned with them? 

The goal of the Enlightened is to spread the benefits of XM across the planet, eventually elevating humanity to a new Renaissance fueled by XM.

Shapers vs N’zeer: 

“13MAGNUS and the Enlightened believe that our collected evolution with the shapers represents a future filled with beauty and self-fulfillment. On the other, Anti-MAGNUS and the Resistance claim that the N’zeer represent an intellectual renaissance, a new era of progress which will help to end war, hunger, and disease. One that will finally shatter the toxic yoke of Shaper manipulation.”
-Susanna Moyer, Ingress Report ep. 100.