Stein Lightman is a XM Researcher, Sensitive and member of the Niantic Project.  Joined Niantic as a ‘Quantum Theologian” and was tasked with to provide opinions that combined scientific research, history and religious/spiritual philosophy.

Among his major achievements, he released a document called ‘The Lightman Decipherments” — the first known English to Shaper Glyph dictionary system. Following this, Lightman remained at the forefront of Glyph translation and discoveries until the events of Shōnin, Persepolis and Abaddon (the fragmentation and first recursion of the original Niantic Researchers).


During the Obsidian Anomalies, he was seen helping Jahan with an ancient codex or book that she planned to use to somehow manipulate the Obsidian Shield to work in her favor. He expressed concern about using the Shield to her.


Much like the other Researchers, Lightman’s Archetype was released during Via Noir and was captured by the Enlightened.