The Acolyte is the new spiritual leader of the Enlightened. She took over after Jarvis supposedly died due to his illness that began during Helios.

H. Richard Loeb, by way of Investigate:Ingress, created a massive dossier on the Acolyte, attempting to unravel more about her. This is what he found:

History of the Acolyte: 

Scant details are known about her life before she became the Acolyte. Her parents were both PhDs and at various times researchers, professors, mainstream and ‘alternative’ or counter-culture figures and had gained a little fame within the alternate-thought circle from writing books, usually under pseudonyms. They raised the Acolyte to continue their work, associates recall dinner parties where she, as a child of only 5 or 6, would sit at the table as a contemporary discussing complex philosophical issues.

During her childhood and youth, the family was nomadic, moving between various universities and cities. A cabin belonging to the Acolyte’s grandfather in a remote part of Northern California seems to be the only stable location.

After being home-schooled for nearly her entire life, the Acolyte began pursuing Theology (among other subjects) at the University level. It is there that she likely learned about XM through a conference where Victor Kureze was a speaker.

Enlightened Ascension: 

How she ultimately met with and joined Roland Jarvis is unknown.

She has had access to substantial amounts of money thanks to her family, which allowed her to assist Jarvis in building the compound inhabited by his followers on the coast of California. However, her own interests seem less material; her primary goal appears to be working alongside the Shapers (whom she prefers to call “Our Friends”) to transcend the level of human existence, and instead exist within “The Ultimate,” a transdimensional medium that contains an information-state representation of reality.

It is unclear the degree to which she draws on the XM substrate for inspiration, enhanced capabilities, and perhaps even basic sustenance; she may be a sensitive, or she may be something else altogether.  

She is known to have visited Roland Jarvis on his deathbed at ‘the cabin’ on the compound and in fact spent extensive time with him there during his last days.  Since his passing she boarded up the cabin and forbids anyone from visiting it.  There are rumors that she underwent some sort of transformation there and that some kind of evidence of what happened might exist within it.


Following the Obsidian Anomaly in Seattle, Enlightened Agent BigMatty gained control of the contents of a box that Susanna Moyer brought with her. The Acolyte and Jahan reached out to deal with BigMatty to gain the box and in the end, the Acolyte was given the contents. Due to the successful victory of the Enlightened, she was able to raise the Obsidian Shield and push back the N’zeer’s influence but not without a cost: Causing the world to undergo an XM Drought.


Aegis Nova: 

During Aegis Nova, she would work alongside Oliver Lynton-Wolfe to fix the XM Drought caused by the Obsidian Shield. After Lynton-Wolfe released the Power Cube stockpiles, he then began to work closely with ADA, which the Acolyte wasn’t fond of. On April 26th, her compound was attacked and Lynton-Wolfe had vanished….only for him to contact her shortly afterwards, telling her that ‘We are just a few breakthroughs away from unimaginable power.’

Afterwards, she would reach out to Klue, offering her a way to heal the pain she was experiencing after her separation with ADA and inviting her to the compound. Information revealed on Investigate.Ingress would show that she and Roland Jarvis  were working together to seize information from Klue’s mind.

This information was successfully obtained due to the Enlightened victory at the first Aegis Nova Anomalies. Following this, it became clear that her goal was to turn this intel into a weapon that could be used to strike out at ADA, effectively ending the powerful AI for good. Due to the Enlightened victory at the Mega Anomaly in Tokyo, the Acolyte also succeeded in her attack.


Recent Intel: 

The Acolyte had brought Susanna Moyer to her compound. She revealed that her compound was an ‘anomalous zone’-a place where time is heavily manipulated- that allowed it to be hidden from the rest of the world. She would also show Moyer the state of Klue, asking her to take Klue along with her on her journey.

After the Via Noir Anomalies, the Acolyte and some of her followers found the cave where Oliver Lynton-Wolfe was building the Tecthullu. It is believed that she may be reconstructing it to serve her interests.