The N’zeer


Much like the Shapers, the N’zeer are a transdimensional race of beings that are inherently interested in humanity. However, that’s where the similarities end.

The N’zeer are the enemies of the Shapers and were banished a long time ago and since then, even mere mention of their existence was hidden by the Shapers and 13MAGNUS, who went on a mission to purge all forms of their existence from human knowledge.

But why? Well, the N’zeer represents a different view of the world than the Shapers do.  In her Message to the Acolyte, Jahan states this:
“We can fix this world. We can make it better, through technology and knowledge…computers, genetic alteration, bio-engineering, and yes-even Artificial Intelligence.  We can have everything that we have ever dreamed of…to be pure, to be peaceful. To be prosperous. We must study. We must work hard and we must use this technology to drive forward as fast as we possibly can. And we must employ the greatest knowledge to our aid in the universe-that is the knowledge of the N’zeer.” 

It is believed by Roland Jarvis and the Society of Artificial Intelligence that the N’zeer represent a future in tandem with AI.