#IngressFS – February 2015 Results

Ingress First Saturday for February had over a hundred cities participate with 47 of them submitting their scores for analysis. Among those 47 cities, 220,085,639 AP was collected between both sides with only a difference of 67,815 or 0.03%. It’s interesting to see that although the Enlightened earned a higher combined and average AP, the Resistance earned the most AP in a majority of the cities (R:26 to E:21). It’s great to see that the share of agents overall is almost evenly split (R:1065 – E:1062).


Across the 47 cities, there was an average of 4,682,673 AP earned and 7.7 level ups.

The AP per Agent per Hour stat looks for where the toughest battle was. For example, State College, USA came in at 45 in the Level and AP leaderboard but they only had 14 agents in the field who earned an average of 96,932.6 AP an hour.

AP per agent per hour graph

Individual Agents

The average AP gain per agent was 110,317. The average ending AP was 9,555,735.


The event saw 3 new L16 and 7 new L15 agents.

Level Gain

254 Agents leveled up with 2 people gaining four levels, one from Johannesburg and the other from Mannheim. The top two agents based on AP alone were from Izhevsk, Russia and made over 2 million AP (although their event did go for 4 hours).

Apologies for the delay of these IngressFS posts, there is a lot of data to go through so they will be regularly posted towards the end of the month going forward.