#IngressFS – May 2015 Results

31 cities submitted their May IngressFS event results to us for analysis with 1,106 agent’s scores tallied. Over 205 million AP was earned and 326 level ups. The best city of the month was Twin Cities, MN, USA with 121 agents, 18 million AP and 30 level ups.

City Stats

The most efficient city was Sydney, Australia, earning 137,810.8 AP per agent per hour. The biggest difference between the two sides was in Montreal where the 8 Enlightened earned an average of 67,405 AP and the 5 Resistance earned an average of 146,820 AP per hour.



Of the 56 agents that started the event below level 4, only 14 didn’t reach it. There were 18 new level 8 agents and 7  new level 16 agents.

Level Gain

Congratulations to Agent Sirrenots for leveling up 5 times and to Agent schepik for 1,387,422 AP (although the event at Izhevsk, Russia went for 3 hours). There was 6 agents that leveled up 4 times, 11 agents leveled up 3 times, 26 agents leveled up twice and 187 agents leveled up once.

Don’t forget to submit your cities results for June (http://goo.gl/forms/Xl4ZmRVFOu) to be added to the next IngressFS Analysis.

We are also looking for some assistance to try out a new FS scoring system with one willing participating city to which we would like to do a Battle Analysis post for. Contact us if you are an FS organiser and would like to work together.