#IngressFS – June 2015 Results

60 cities submitted their June IngressFS event results to us for analysis with 2,469 agent’s scores tallied. Over 329 million AP was earned and 556 level ups recorded. The Enlightened’s strongest city for June was Sioux Falls, SD, USA with 71.8% of the AP. The Resistance’s strongest city was Niš, Serbia with 78.5% of the AP.

The city with the highest AP per Agent per hour was Merida, Mexico with 113,668.4

51 cities submitted their walking distance totaling 8,055 kilometres with Milan, Italy walking the furthest, 684 km.


The weekend saw 20 brand new agents choose their faction. There was 37 new L8+ agents and 12 L16 agents. 1 Agent gained 6 levels, 18 agents gained 3 levels, 44 agents gained 2 levels and 386 agents gained 1 level.



1 Agent was able to walk an amazing 14 km during their FS event. There was also 3 agents that walked 10 km and 15 agents walked 9 km.

*In this table, agents are ranked on Km then AP gained.

Don’t forget to submit your cities results for July (http://goo.gl/forms/Xl4ZmRVFOu) to be added to the next IngressFS Analysis