IngressFS – Virtual events and September 2020 Results

Since the introduction of Virtual IFS events, agents all over the world have been gathering online to keep creating a warm and welcoming environment in the Ingress Community. While following physical distance guidelines keeps us healthy, it is our social bonds that continue inspiring us to move forward.

Following stay at home guidelines has not stopped the worldwide community from obtaining new achievements during the First Saturday events. In the past 5 months, there have been 1690 events in 773 unique cities, summoning more than 14,000 Agents every month. From their home, Agents have been able to heal the Portal Network by recharging a grand total of 61,262,592,432 XM. On average, each month there have been about 250 level ups, 535,134,589 AP gained and 12,252,518,486 XM recharged.

During September 2020 First Saturday events, agents celebrated 342 new levels, with an attendance of about 50 agents per event and an all time high record set in Beirut that gathered 719 agents from all around the world. The top city this month was Beirut, Lebanon with 16 levels gained and 366,073,682 XM recharged.

You can check out this information in more detail in our All Time IngressFS Score Leaderboard.

Only cities with valid data that is submitted by each event’s organizers are included in the analysis so the data here won’t match exactly to Niantic’s results.