How to use the Auto Score Sheet

IngressFS@Home events require agents and organisers to accurately record the collective stats gain for a city to show they fulfilled the in-game minimum requirements and know feats achieved by individual agents. While during a normal FS agents stats may be input manually on the old score template, large events for a while and now virtual events of all sizes require that we do this remotely with the Auto Score Sheet. We understand this may be new to some of you, either as an Event Organizer or as an attendee, so we’ve come up with this how-to guide to help you use the auto-score seamlessly.

The reason we’ve made the Auto Score Sheet mandatory for IngressFS@Home events is that we need a way to collate over 20,000 agent name from 450 events around the world as quickly as possible, where each event is able to have it’s own requirements and organisers are able to tick each agent’s name.

Instructions for Event Organizers

If you’re an Event Organizer, you’ll be responsible for setting up the Auto Score Sheet for the attendees to use. Don’t worry, these simple steps are all you need to do.

  1. Get a copy of the Auto Score Sheet
  2. Share it with your co-organizer so you both have edit access to verify agents and can help attendees if any issue arises.
  3. Link your spreadsheet to your city’s Event Registration. This will make the leaderboard appear on your city’s Event Page.
  4. Go to File, then Spreadsheet settings, and set the timezone to match your local timezone.
  5. Go to Form and then Go to live form. This will create and grant you access to the Google Form that will be used by agents to submit their stats during the event.
  6. On the Google Form template, click Send, go to the Link tab and press Copy. Save the link to share it during the IngressFS.  As the event organizer, make sure you yourself use the new link you just made.  Do not upload your stats to the Edit Form page!
  7. On the day of the event, when you’re ready, go to the Responses tab and activate the Accepting responses option. We suggest you do this when the event begins, but you may choose to activate the form right on the day you adjust the settings.
  8. When your event begins, share the Google Form link with your event attendees on the event chat, and keep open the Auto Score Sheet to check that responses are being recorded correctly (it’s far easier to fix wrong data inputs if you spot them early).
  9. During the event or after the event ends, make sure to tick off the Participation boxes (column A of the Auto Score Sheet) of the agents that fulfilled the participation requirements. The codenames of these agents will appear in your FevGames city leaderboard.

Instructions for attendees

The event has begun and you want to record your participation in the IngressFS event you’re attending. RSVP will not suffice to verify your participation for IngressFS@Home, so make sure you understand your city’s participation requirements and be careful to follow these instructions to submit your stats on the Auto Score Sheet at the start and at the end of your event:

  1. When your event starts, open the Ingress scanner, go to your Agent Profile, make sure you’re in the All Time tab and press the Share button.
  2. A pop-up window will appear, there select the option to Copy to your clipboard.
  3. Check your event chat and look out for your Event Organizer’s message with the link to the Google Form to register your stats. Open it, paste your stats in the Start Stats Export line.
  4. The text will be long, but even if you find it confusing, don’t edit it in any way. It is a common mistake to edit this text or paste your stats on a note taking app or chat and fill out the form copying the text from those apps. If your Event Organizer tells you to correct your stats submissions, this will probably be the reason, so make sure to follow steps 1 through 4 one after the other.
  5. Now press Submit to complete your start registration.
  6. When your event ends, open the Ingress scanner, go to your Agent Profile, make sure you’re in the All Time tab, press the Share button and select the option to Copy to your clipboard.
  7. Open again the Google Form, press the Edit your response option, paste your stats in the End Stats Export line and press Submit to complete your end registration. Do not change your Start Stats Export. And that’s it!

If you get an error or can’t press the submit button on the form, repeat steps 1 and 2. Do not paste your stats anywhere else before pasting them into the form as it will corrupt the data and the form will not accept the input.

Thanks to agent @Chics for putting together these helpful infographics!

Optional Manual Stat Entry

For those agents that would prefer to not share all their profile stats or are having trouble copying and pasting their stats, we’ve added an option to manually enter your stats into the form and still be included. Enter the below information separated by new lines between each stat. You don’t need to enter that stat name, just the values in the correct order.

Template Example
Agent Name
Agent Faction
Lifetime AP
XM Recharged
Bonus Stat A(Optional)
Bonus Stat B(Optional)…

Be sure to enter the full faction name and not the short versions. Only enter in the raw values and do not include any suffixes like km or ap after the value. If there is more than one bonus stat, append them to the end in the same way, separated by new lines. If you’re using this method, validating your submitted stats with an organiser will be mandatory.