To make life easier for IngressFS organisers and attendees, we’ve developed the IngressFS Auto Score Sheet. The sheet comes with a form for agents to paste their stats from their profile into and sheets configured to allow organisers to verify the data submitted, select bonus stats and automatically generate a live leaderboard. The sheet has been able to reduce the time taken for check in agents at the start and end from almost an hour for over 50 attendees down to 5-10 minutes.

Organisers can get a copy of the sheet and form from here

Make sure you are on a PC (not on mobile) when trying to get a copy of the sheet because the Google Sheets app will open up the template file instead of creating a copy like the link is supposed to do.

The Instructions tab has all the information you need to be able to use the sheet and also has an option to choose a language to translate the instructions.

For FS organisers in the the IngressFS Slack Workspace, join the #ifs-auto-score-sheet channel to discuss your ideas, ask for help with any issues or help us test new features!


Optional Manual Stat Entry

For those agents that would prefer to not share all their profile stats or are having trouble copying and pasting their stats, we’ve added an option to manually enter your stats into the form and still be included. Enter the below information separated by new lines between each stat. You don’t need to enter that stat name, just the values in the correct order.

Template Example
Agent Name
Agent Faction
Lifetime AP
Distance Walked
Bonus Stat 1(Optional)
Bonus Stat 2(Optional)…

Be sure to enter the full faction name and not the short versions. Only enter in the raw values and *do not* include any suffixes like km or ap after the value. If there is more than one bonus stat, append them to the end in the same way, separated by new lines. If you’re using this method, validating your submitted stats with an organiser will be mandatory.

We’ve asked NIA if it would be possible to add a feature where long pressing the copy stats button only copies a short version of the output that contains the above info but we haven’t heard if the idea has progressed anywhere.


Change Log


  • Volatile Portals Challenge
  • Foxtrot vs Sierra Challenge
  • More Bonus Stats
  • Optional Manual Stat Entry


Original Manual Score Template

Use of the Auto Score Sheet is completely optional and is not required to run an IngressFS event. It does offer a lot of help to speed up the manual work of the event and offer new and fun game options so we do recommend you give it a try.

If you would still like to get a copy of the old original manual scoring spreadsheet, you can get a copy of it here. You can also continue using any other sheets or applications you currently use to collect results and run your FS event.