IngressFS Organiser’s Guide

Get Started

Ingress First Saturday is a cross-faction event organised and run by local agents all across the world on the First Saturday of each month.

IngressFS primarily supports in-person events. However, you can also register an online event to connect with agents near and far on First Saturday. Badge credit is only awarded for in-person events.

All instructions below are for in-person events. No badge credit is awarded for online events and no requirements need to be met. However, you may use the registration, scoresheet, and passcode tools for your online event.

Before the event

  • You will need one agent from each faction willing to work together to put on a successful event.
  • With your co-organizer, coordinate:
    • A time for the event to start
    • The activities required to have attendee participation checked
  • Register your city before the deadline, 9 days before FS. Late submissions will automatically be rejected.
  • Event time and portal details will be locked in when registrations close 9 days before the event.
  • Details on the first page of the form will remain open and editable through event day.
  • Include any participation requirements in the event description.
  • A Passcode Puzzle will be generated around the base portal from your registration – See below for more details about the Passcode Puzzle.
  • Set up the Auto Score Sheet with your co-organizer and make sure it’s linked to your event on the Event Registration form.
  • You might benefit from preparing an infographic or some slides to guide agents through the event timetable, how to use resources such as the auto-score sheet or provide a FAQ doc.
  • Promote your event in local chats, channels and social networks.
    • To reduce the chance of attendees being disappointed by joining events that don’t proceed, We’ll be canceling any events that do not have at least 10 RSVPs the day after registrations close.

During the event

  • Make sure you have all your activities ready and that the Leaderboard appears on the city’s Event Page.
  • When your event begins, share the Auto Score Sheet Google Form URL with your event attendees in the event chat.
    • We suggest you pin the message with the link, but you can also share it twice, at the start and at the end, so that agents don’t have to backlog on your chat.
    • During the time you designate for stats submissions, you should check that responses are being recorded correctly and let agents know if there are any issues with their submissions. This way, wrong or corrupt data can be fixed.
  • Make sure the event attendees know that their participation in the event will only be checked if they fulfill the participation requirements of the event (which may include activities besides their in-game stats improvement).
    • Proceed with the activities that were announced for the event.
    • Agents DO NOT need to hack a designated portal to be eligible for the FS badge, but do need to meet local event requirements.
    • Agents need to meet the requirements that organisers specify on the event page, submit their stats to the Auto Score Sheet, and have their name ticked by the organiser so that their name appears on the event page leaderboard.
    • Agents must gain at least 10,000 AP as reported on the score sheet.
  • Make sure that your city meets all the requirements to be eligible for the FS badge.
    • Auto Score Sheet: If you haven’t already, link your Auto Score Sheet to your event by updating your Event Registration.
    • Passcode Puzzle Challenge: Together solve the city passcode and submit it on the Passcode Challenge form.
    • Group Photo: Take a photo that complies with these guidelines.
  • Keep some record of the participation of agents to be able to check their participation later on or check their participation in the auto-score sheet during the event.
  • The Restocking Portal will activate 2 hours after the event start time and will output a large number of items. The portal will also have a meetup beacon deployed on it.

After the event

  • Take some time soon after the event ends to check that agents that fulfilled the event participation requirements on the Auto Score Sheet have all been ticked and appear on the event page.
    • The verified agents will appear on your event page.
    • Since there will only be 1 medal push, make sure this list correctly shows all agents with verified participation.
    • Agents that do not appear on your event page leaderboard will not get the FS badge.
  • Post your event photo on a public social media platform.
  • Submit your solved event passcode by following the link in the email sent to the event organisers.
  • Submit your city’s final scores by either clicking the Score Submission link in step 11 on the Auto Score Sheet instructions tab or by filling in the form on the Score Submission page.
  • Check your city’s verification status on your event page until it turns to Verified.
    • This will indicate that your city is eligible for the FS badge.
    • The agents whose participation was checked are eligible for the FS badge.
    • Please tell your agents to not change their codename before the badge is pushed or they’ll miss out.

Passcode Puzzle Details

  • We will collect the details of 11 portals around the base portal. The photos of these portals will be provided to event organisers in a printable format on the day before the event.
    • Most Preferred: A Bannergress URL (we will randomly select 11 portals along the banner path). If your banner isn’t ready before the form closes, consider providing an alternative option below.
    • Also Preferred: An IITC Draw Tools export of a single line that connects 11 portals (don’t add markers or any other shapes other than a single line connecting exactly 11 portals, also make sure you don’t accidently include your secret op plans😅)
    • Instructions on how to tell us exactly which 11 portals you want the media to drop from using IITC Draw Tools:
      1. Ensure you have IITC and the Draw tools plugin installed
      2. In Intel, open DrawTools Opt and click Reset Drawn Items
      3. Select the Draw Polyline tool and click on the first portal you want to be on the puzzle path
      4. Click on the remaining 10 portals you want to be on the puzzle path in the order you want the puzzle to be solved, making sure no portal is used more than once
      5. Click on the last point again to finish drawing
      6. In DrawTools Opts then click the Snap to Portals button, a message should pop up and include “Tested 11 points…” If it doesn’t say 11 points, go back to step 2
      7. Make sure the path drawn passes through exactly 11 unique portals and no portal is used more than once.
      8. In DrawTools Opts, click the Copy Drawn Items button, then copy the contents of “Normal Export” and paste it into the Event Registration form
    • A description of the area (e.g. “do a lap around the park” or “create a path from base portal to restock portal”)
    • Something fun (e.g. “Go wild and spread it far and wide” or “Draw a glyph with the path”)
    • Or you can leave this blank and we will try our best based on the local portal layout
    • This section will be locked in and there will be no way to change it 9 days before FS weekend so be sure to update it before then!
  • For the two hours starting from the specified event start time, the 11 portals will each drop a media item representing a piece of the passcode.
  • Passcode media appearing in portal hack output window

    The media item will contain a letter, a number, or a glyph. Encourage your participants to take a screenshot of the hack output so they can match the media output to the specific portal.

  • Use the printable sheet to match the portal image to the hack output.
  • The passcode will be active from the start of event time until three hours after the event. It will not be available after that. (5 hours total)
  • Do not share this passcode. It is unique to your event and very valuable. It has limited redeems for your event only.

Event Information 

FS events require a Base Portal and a Restocking Portal. It’s good practice to have the registration in a park or venue where you can explain how the day will run to your attendees and to have the restocking portal at a venue where agents can relax and you can announce the results. It’s strongly recommended to keep the distance between those two locations less than 30 minutes walk apart, keeping in mind being considerate to your attendees.

The day before the event is scheduled, both event organisers will receive an email with the passcode puzzle in a printable format. If you are able, print out a few copies of the puzzle so that small teams of agents can complete the puzzle as they hack during your event.

It’s also worth discussing the location with your local community and looking out if there are any other nearby IFS events you may be conflicting with. There is a strict limit of one FS event per city each month.

Required Stats tracked during a FS are Level, AP and km Walked, but you can spice it up by tracking other stats as well like Translator, Purifier, Illuminator or Engineer. You can also design your own mini challenges. Make it fun, exciting and memorable.

Online Passcode Information

The Passcode Puzzle is optional for FS Online events. See below for choosing a Base portal. An hour before the event is scheduled, both event organisers will receive an email with the passcode puzzle.

  • A higher density of portals near your base portal will result in a better quality puzzle
  • If your portal location results in a low quality puzzle, it will automatically be moved to a nearby city, at the discretion of the puzzle designers.
  • The passcode will be available for 6 days from the start of the event. It expires on Friday following your event, so be sure to redeem it before then to avoid disappointment.

Get Set Up

Now that you’ve collected all the info you need, it’s time to set it all up:

  • Submit your event on the Event Registration page
  • Promote your event with your local community and encourage agents to register so you can get an accurate estimate of how many people will attend
  • Get a copy and setup the Auto Score Sheet (instructions included within)

While planning your event, keep in mind the timeline of portal activations:

Key Dates and Times

Leading up to the Event

  • Tuesday after previous FS – Event registrations open
  • 9 days before FS – Registration for new events closes and Portal Details and Times are locked in

Day of the Event

  • Event start time +0:00 – Passcode Media starts dropping from portals
  • Event start time +2:00 – Passcode Media stops dropping from portals, Restocking Portal will activate. 
  • Event start time +3:30 – Restocking Portal deactivates. 
  • Event start time +5:00 – Passcode expires.

  • Event start time +6 days – Solved city passcode expires (Online only)

After the Event

  • 6 days after FS – Deadline for submitting group photo, passcode, and results
  • ~3 weeks after FS – Medals pushed out to verified events and agents that meet the requirements

Create an #IngressFS Mission

Some events like to create a mission as a souvenir. Missions are optional but if you choose to make them, there’s a few extra things to be aware of:

  • Mission name must include #IngressFS in it.
  • We recommend submitting your mission as far in advance as possible and no less than 9 days before the event.
  • FS mission fast track runs on the Monday before FS and again on the Thursday before to fix up any edits made.
  • There is a strict maximum of 12 FS missions per site so that we do not overload the fast track team. Overuse of fast tracking may result in some events missing out or it no longer being available at all.
  • FS Missions are not guaranteed to be approved: your mission can still be rejected if it does not follow all standard mission requirements. That means missions must not:
    • Contain a URL anywhere in the mission or title
    • Contain agent names or anything that could be understood as an agent name anywhere in the mission
    • Have to see a person to receive a passphrase in order to complete the mission
    • Contain trademarked or copyrighted material as the mission picture

Prizes and Swag

Offering prizes or swag at your event isn’t required but attendees do appreciate the effort and you may be surprised how many locals will be willing to share their spare swag to offer as prizes at your event. Even little things like a printed certificate can add a bit more spark to your event.

Things to be mindful of

Before registering your event, you should look out for any nearby events that have already been registered and consider joining in with them first. It’ll be easier to join organising efforts into one event rather than splitting the effort between two events. Each event needs to have a minimum of 10 attendees with at least 3 from each faction to be considered a valid event and be eligible for the Badge.

If there is a disagreement between events that are in or near the same city, IFS-UN members may moderate a mediation channel and may use their discretion if they find someone is being purposefully obstructive. IFS tourism is allowed (choosing a remote place to host your event), but local events take priority, regardless of who registers first.

The Event Registration Form will not accept any new events 9 days before FS day. The form will also lock in all details beyond the first page at that time. The only change that will be accepted at least 3 days before FS day is if an event is no longer able to proceed and needs to be converted to an online event due to reasons beyond your control such as a pandemic lockdown, extreme weather, civil disturbances, etc.

Event Leaders should make every effort to be at the event they organise. If they are unable to attend for any reason, they should nominate another agent to step in and take their place.

Ingress First Saturdays are events that aim to connect agents and foster community across nationalities, races, genders, ages, religions, and ideologies. Please respect that spirit. If IFS-UN Members find Organisers or other members of the community are working against the spirit of FS, they may nominate new organisers for the event, cancel the event completely, or in the worst cases, suspend people or cities from running an event.

Please note, all events must be free and open for anyone to join in. It is not acceptable to restrict anyone from attending an event for any reason, have an invite-only event or to charge attendees a fee to participate. Your event may be canceled if it is found to be doing so. If you need to cover costs for swag or venue hire, it is ok to accept donations from attendees as long as it is not mandatory.

Further Help

If you would like some help with anything or have any questions, feel free to ask in the FS Organisers Slack Workspace or reach out to your friendly IFS-UN representative on Telegram:

Jordon Mizzi – Australia
tabineco aya – Japan
Ishira Tsubasa – USA
MrsSpectrum – USA
PsiCoTix – Canada
Trevor CtrlAltDuck – Canada
Claudia Leon – Perú
Aline Souto – Brazil
Divina Benitez – Paraguay
Matthew Smith – UK
DhrMekmek – Netherlands

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