Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, changes have been made to FS to keep everyone safe. See the IngressFS@Home Guide for all the details. All rules below still apply unless otherwise specified in the IngressFS@Home Guide

Get Started

Ingress First Saturday is a cross-faction event organized and run by local agents all across the world on the First Saturday of each month. To organize a First Saturday event, you will need one agent from each faction, willing to work together to put on a successful event.

FS events require a Registration Portal and a Restocking Portal. It’s good practice to have the registration in a park or venue where you can explain how the day will run to your attendees and to have the restocking portal at a venue where agents can relax and you can announce the results. It’s strongly recommended to keep the distance between those two portal to less than 30 minutes walk apart, keeping in mind being considerate to your attendees.

It’s also worth discussing the location with your local community and looking out if there are any other nearby events you may be conflicting with. There is a strict limit of one FS event per city each month.

Required Stats tracked during a FS are Level, AP and km Walked, but you can spice it up by tracking other stats as well like Translator, Purifier, Illuminator or Engineer. You can also design your own mini challenges. Make it fun, exciting and memorable.

Get Set Up

Now that you’ve collected all the info you need, it’s time to set it all up:

  • Submit your event on the Event Registration page
  • Promote your event with your local community and encourage agents to register so you can get an accurate estimate of how many people will attend
  • Get a copy and setup the Auto Score Sheet (instructions included within)

While planning your event, keep in mind the timeline of portal activations:

Key Dates and Times

Leading up to the Event

  • Tuesday after previous FS – Event registrations open
  • 14 days before FS – Registration for new events close
  • 10 days before FS – Event details are verified by Niantic and appear on Event Pages
  • 7 days before FS – Portal Details and Times are locked in
  • 4 days before FS – Niantic verifies any changes made and sets up portals

Day of the Event


  • Event start time 0:00 – Time submitted on the registration form. Registration Portal is activated and marked with an ornament. Hack this portal to be eligible for Bonus AP and the IngressFS badge (both will be applied at a later date)
  • Event start time +1:00 to +3:00 – AP earned between the first and last hack of any portal within the two hour window will be measured and added as a bonus.
  • Event start time +3:30 to +4:30 – Restocking portal activates with an increased hack output

After the Event

  • 6 days after FS – Deadline for submitting Group Photos and results to be verified
  • 11 days after FS – Medals and bonus AP pushed out to verified events and agents that meet the requirements

Create an #IngressFS Mission

Some events like to create a mission as a souvenir. Missions are optional but if you choose to make them, there’s a few extra things to be aware of:

  • Mission name must include #IngressFS in it.
  • We recommend submitting your mission as far in advance as possible and no less than a week before the event.
  • FS mission fast track runs on the Monday before FS and again on the Friday before to fix up any edits made.
  • We recommend 1 mission per site, and there is a strict maximum of 6 FS missions per site so that we do not overload the fast track team. Overuse of fast tracking may result in some events missing out or it no longer being available at all.
  • FS Missions are not guaranteed to be approved: your mission can still be rejected if it does not follow all standard mission requirements. That means missions must not:
    • Contain a URL anywhere in the mission or title
    • Contain agent names or anything that could be understood as an agent name anywhere in the mission
    • Have to see a person to receive a passphrase in order to complete the mission
    • Contain trademarked or copyrighted material as the mission picture

Prizes and Swag

By default, a 2x AP bonus and one count towards the FS badge will apply to all events. Have a read of the Agent Requirements page for the details of how this works.

Offering prizes or swag at your event isn’t required but attendees do appreciate the effort and you may be surprised how many locals will be willing to share their spare swag to offer as prizes at your event. Even little things like a printed certificate can add a bit more spark to your event.

Niantic have provided some art assets that you’re free to use for your event.

Things to be mindful of

  1. Check back on this page for any changes to the requirements you need to follow
  2. Remind your attendees of the requirements they need to follow
  3. During your event, take a group photo that follows these guidelines
  4. After your event, submit the results and group photo for verification

You should look out for any nearby events that have already been registered and consider joining in with them first. It’ll be easier to join organising efforts into one event rather than splitting the effort between two events. Each event needs to have a minimum of 10 attendees with at least 3 from each faction to be considered a valid event and be eligible for the Badge.

If there is a disagreement between events that are less than 150 km apart, the first submitted event will be kept for that month. If a disagreement continues, neither event will run until all sides can work together. IFS-UN members may moderate a mediation channel and may use their discretion if they find someone is being purposefully obstructive. IFS tourism is allowed (choosing a remote place to host your event), but local events take priority, regardless of who registers first.

Event Leaders should make every effort to be at the event they organise. If they are unable to attend for any reason, they should nominate another agent to step in and take their place.

Ingress First Saturdays are events that aim to connect agents and foster community across nationalities, races, genders, ages, religions, and ideologies. Please respect that spirit. If IFS-UN Members find Organisers or other members of the community are working against the spirit of FS, they may nominate new organisers for the event, cancel the event completely, or in the worst cases, suspend people or cities from running an event.

Please note, all events must be free and open for anyone join in. It is not acceptable to restrict anyone from attending an event for any reason, have an invite only event or to charge attendees a fee to participate. Your event may be cancelled if it is found to be doing so. If you need to cover costs for swag or venue hire, it is ok to accept donations from attendees as long as it is not mandatory.

Niantic will check all event leaders pass a basic background check to make sure they haven’t violated any Ingress rules or Terms of Service. If an event leader fails the background check, the event will be canceled without any notice. Please make sure your agent name is spelt correctly on the registration form as events where the leader’s agent name isn’t found may also be canceled without notice.

Further Help

If you would like some help with anything or have any questions, feel free to ask in the FS Organisers Slack Workspace or reach out to your friendly IFS-UN representative:

Jordon Mizzi – Australia/IFS Ops
tabineco aya – Japan
Alex Li – Greater China and Missions

Sigyn Focshea – Russia
Ishira Tsubasa – USA
MrsSpectrum – USA
PsiCoTix – Canada
Trevor CtrlAltDuck – Canada
Claudia Leon – Perú
Aline Souto – Brazil
Divina Benitez – Paraguay
Graham Watt – Decoding