Innovator Medal released!

On October 23, Ingress announced the Innovator medal in celebration of the 2nd year of Ingress.

Two tiers of the medal were announced for achieving a certain access level prior to November 15th.
Bronze: Level 3
Silver: Level 9

B0pvlIbIAAAXgXE.jpg large

However, on on November 4th, additional tiers of the Innovator medal were announced! If we could exceed 1,000 Tweets decribing #Ingress in 7 words, we could unlock all the Tiers up to Onyx (Gold / Platinum / Onyx)

Gold: 11
Platinum: 13Onyx: 15

B1n2WiiCAAA5JZT.png large


On November 6th, we crushed that goal with over 30,000 Tweets. Here was my contribution towards hitting that goal:

Exploration. Community. Friendship. Rivalry. Health. Creativity. Trust. #Ingress.



Today (11/17/2014), Ingress primed the release of the Innovator medal by giving us an image/list of the Top 1,000 Ingress Players prior to the release of the new medal (I recognize a lot of names here!)



Shortly after this announcement, the Innovator medal started making it’s way into Agent’s scanners around the world.



(Thank you Agent BladeBMFstorm for the all Tiers unlocked image above, and grats on L16.)


Congrats to everyone who leveled up today and happy hacking (I hit L15 yay!).

NOTE: If the Innovator medal is all you need for next level, and you don’t level up after receiving it, try recharging something to gain AP. This should invoke the level up sequence.