Introducing: The New IngressFS Medal!

Breaking News! We are excited to announce the long awaited and highly requested new profile medal for attending IngressFS events!

Tier IFS Events
Bronze 1
Silver 6
Gold 12
Platinum 24
Onyx 36

Ingress First Saturday events are evolving quickly and cities who register an event have plenty to look forward to! Features recently launched consist of:

  • Double XP from event start time, to 2 hours later (subject to change)
  • Restock portal (increased hack output) 3 hours after meetup
  • Ingress badge starting from December 2018

This joins the existing benefits of First Saturday events of:

Per standard protocol the IFS badge is not retroactive and can be earned going forward.  Check out more details in the FevGames Ingress Guide

With a small amount of cross-faction organization, you can host an event as well! Head on over to our IFS Registration page, read the tips and get your city registered! Thanks to Niantic for boosting the features of IngressFS!