Kureze Effect Phase 1 Results

The results are in for the first Ingress Anomaly since 2019, and Phase 1 of the Kureze Effect goes to the Enlightened by 93,029 points!

The Resistance kicked things off strong instantly taking the lead in the Agent deployed beacons, getting as far as 25,000 points in the lead 18 hours into the event. The Enlightened’s performance in Tokyo, scoring 153,270 points, set the bar too high and the Resistance weren’t able to take the lead back after that. In the APAC region, Enlightened won 11 Key Sites to 4 for the Resistance.

In the EMEA region, Resistance did much better by winning 10 out of the 15 cities, scoring their highest Key Site score of 71,540 in Amsterdam and bringing down the key site score margin from 142k down to 56k points against them. In the AMER region, Enlightened pushed back and won 10 out of the 15 cities and bringing the Key Site score margin up to 104,600 and the overall score margin up to 93k.

Over the remaining ten hours, the factions pushed back and forth but the final score didn’t change much. In the end, the Enlightened’s win of 26 Key Sites to the Resistance’s 19 won them the day.


Scorecards for each Key Site

The Regional Cell with by far the most Agent Deployed beacons (3,517) was PA01-ALPHA-12 which covers Tokyo, Japan, but surprisingly, was won by the Resistance by 522 points!

The second most beacons deployed (1013) was in Cell PA01-ALPHA-00 covering Osaka, Japan. The Resistance took an early lead for the first half of the event until the Enlightened pushed back to win by 720 points.

Scorecards for top 16 Cells

89% of NIA Deployed beacons and 74% of Agent Deployed beacons were Category I while 0.5% of all beacons were Category VI.

6.8% of NIA Deployed beacons and 2.5% of Agent Deployed beacons resulted in a tie.

77% of NIA Deployed beacons and 74% of Agent Deployed beacons resulted in one faction winning by 9 or 12 points which may indicate only one faction battling the beacon.