Kureze Effect – Phase 1

The first round of the Kureze Effect has begun! NIASection14 will be deploying Rare Battle Beacons in each of the below listed cities between 1430 to 1730 local time on Sunday, 23 January 2022.

Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you all the results and analysis of Phase 1 during the week!

*Markers are placed on the city and do NOT reflect the location of the beacons

Key Details:

  • To receive the event badge: interact as a Battle Beacon Combatant on 10 Battle Beacons in total during the specified time periods between January and March to earn your Kureze Effect medal.
  • Agents can verify their interaction count by checking their Scanners for a new metric called Kureze Effect under the Events category
  • For Faction vs Faction challenge: Whichever faction scores the most points during the specified time periods in January, February, and March wins
  • Interaction with NIA-Deployed Battle Beacons counts 10x more than Agent-deployed Battle Beacons

More Details: