Kureze Effect Phase 2 Results

The data is in for Phase 2 of the Kureze Effect and this time, Niantic deployed 31,387 Battle Beacons (with a x5 score multiplier) across 645 regional cells across the globe. Enlightened took the lead in the first few hours, gaining a score margin of 133k until Resistance kicked it up a gear in the EMEA region to take the lead reaching a margin of 73k points. In the final hours of NIA Deployed Beacons category, Enlightened were able to take back control and win by 20,470 points.


Looking at the Agent Deployed beacons, it was a bumpy ride with the lead changing hands 5 times across the weekend. Although Enlightened were able to hold the lead for almost 60% of the time (43 out of 73 hours), Resistance were able to steal a win in the dying hours of the event, going from trailing by 1,036 points to winning the category by 3,181.

For a deeper look into the results for each Regional Cell, we’ve put together a map highlighting the faction that won the cell and a link to the cell’s scorecard with more details.

Enlightened won 437 cells and Resistance won 404.

Only cells where 3 or more Beacons were deployed are included in the the map. Best viewed in Full Screen mode.

After the end of Phase 2, Enlightened hold the lead by 104,665 points.