Kureze Effect Phase 3 Results

The Enlightened have won the Kureze Effect Series by 215,031 points

NIA Deployed Beacons
29,716 beacons were deployed by the NIA for Agents to fight over across the world. The Resistance gained control over 12,870 of them, while the Enlightened managed to gain control of 14,519, putting them at a lead of 1,649 over the Resistance. 2,327 beacons were fought over but tied out, gaining neither faction a win on them.

Agent Deployed Beacons
Agents deployed a little less than the NIA did but they still gave the NIA a run for their money by deploying 26,978 beacons worldwide. These beacons were steadily deployed through the duration of the weekend. The Resistance was able to win 12,710 Beacons but the Enlightened were determined, winning 13,954 Beacons and scoring 1244 Beacons more than the Resistance. Unlike the NIA deployed Beacons, only 314 Agent deployed Beacons ended in a tie. Agents obviously fought very hard on their own Beacons.

The battle for Agent Deployed Beacons was a close battle between the factions for the first half of the battle window but as the weekend went on, the Enlightened pushed ahead to win the category by 14,226 points.

For a deeper look into the results for each Regional Cell, we’ve put together a map highlighting the faction that won the cell and a link to the cell’s scorecard with more details.

Enlightened won 389 cells and Resistance won 384. There were 7 cells that resulted in a tie.

Only cells where 3 or more Beacons were deployed are included in the the map. Best viewed in Full Screen mode.