Kythera Anomaly Applications

Hello Agents! We felt this needed a separate announcement itself, so that Agents could easily find where to apply and get information for the Kythera Anomaly. We will update this post as more information becomes available.

The Kythera Anomaly will be taking place in May and June of this year (2022), so applications should be filled as soon as possible. This is a chance for this Anomaly to happen in your area Agents! A chance for the anomaly to take place somewhere it never has, to reach Agents that have never been to an onsite anomaly! Please keep in mind the specific details for this event as anyone can apply, but not everyone will be choosen.

To apply to host Kythera in your city, please suggest an area roughly 10km in diameter with no less than 350 portals within. We will prioritize applications which have both a RES and ENL leader.

The Kythera battles are expected to take somewhere between 60 and 180 minutes. Agents will be competing Faction-vs-Faction according to rules to be released no less than 1 week prior to the battle date. Agents should come prepared to move quickly and safely.

Applications for 21 May Kythera sites must be received by 24 April, 11:59PM UTC.
Applications for 25 June Kythera sites must be received by 29 May, 11:59PM UTC.
Sites will be selected no less than 1 week prior to battle date.

The application for Kythera can be found here. Good Luck Agents! I look forward to seeing where this Anomaly will take place.


Please keep in mind to follow your areas local health and safety guidelines if you plan to host or participate in this anomaly.


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