Legendary Pokémon Incoming!

The hints have been heavy, we’ve seen the build up of assets in the APK, and now is the time we’ve all been waiting for. On July 22nd, Legendary Pokémon will finally be introduced into Pokémon GO!

GO Fest Challenge

The earlier announced “Phase 2: Mystery Challenge” for Pokémon GO Fest Chicago will be the first time Pokémon GO Trainers will encounter a Legendary Pokémon. After the successful defeat and capture of the first Legendary Pokémon, other Legendary Pokémon will start spawning as Legendary eggs at Gyms all around the world. Trainers will need to team up to defeat these Legendary Raid Bosses.

Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

These are the Legendary Pokémon that exist so far in Pokémon GO. Not all were seen in the announcement video, so we can assume a few are being saved for special events or partnerships.





Mew (not seen in video)



Celebi (not seen in video)


No Placing Legendary Pokémon at Gyms

We already had a heads up on this from our last APK teardown, and it has been confirmed that you will not be able to leave Legendary Pokémon at Gyms for defense. You most certainly can use them to attack with though!


Legendary Raid Passes

Also discovered in our last APK teardown were Legendary Raid Passes. This special Legendary Raid Pass is black in color and is required for participating in Legendary Raids at Gyms. At this time, it is unknown how these passes are obtained and details are likely to be revealed at GO Fest on July 22nd.