Level 8 Week 2023

Happy Level 8 Week Agents! Time to get out there and take advantage of the extra AP, along with the other perks that Niantic has announced!


Level 8 Week Details

The event starts today, (Friday, August 4th) and will continue until Monday, August 14th 1700 UTC. These are the following changes to expect

  • All Actions give Double (2x) AP
  • Running APEX during L8 Week will award 6x AP
  • You can deploy 2x L8 Resonators 
  • Drone cooldown is reduced to 8 mins
  • Each successful Glyph produces 80AP
  • Links under 8km can be created under Fields
  • Overclock Glyph Hack duration is extended to 80 seconds
  • Experimental Weapon Tuning will occur

Please note that during Level 8 Week, the regularly scheduled Double AP 2sday bonus hour will not be activatedbecause double AP will be granted throughout the duration of the Level 8 Week event.

In-App Level 8 Medals

Every year Agents get that chance to get an In App Medal to commemorate the event, but this year we have a new one in the scanner to go along with the addition of Machina! These medals can be purchased for 2,500 CMU a piece and will be available for the duration of the event!


I don’t know about you, but im fairly curious on what will come of this weapon tuning experiment. We will see, and probably report back, on what comes of it. If you see anything Agents, post about it on the Ingress Community Forums, or any social media!

Take advantage of this AP Agents. This event only comes once a year and I know many of us use it to push to those levels we work for all year long! Share your experiences with this event with the hashtag #lvl8week on social media!