Level 8 Weekend 2022

Happy level 8 weekend everyone!!! If you are itching for a level, this is the weekend to take advantage of as it is double ap all weekend long! Don’t forget to use your Apex!


Event Details

Starting now, Friday, 5 August 1600 UTC to Tuesday, 9 August 1600 UTC, Researchers have identified these changes in the portal network;

  • 2X AP on all actions
  • 2X deploy L8 Resonators
  • 8-minute Drone cooldown
  • 80AP for each successful Glyph
  • +888AP for each new All-Time Unique Portal Visit as indicated by the Visited layer on the Layers button



Researchers want to encourage Agents participation, so they added a few bundles for all of us to enjoy!

Free Level 8 Weekend Bundle (0 CMU; single redeem; for accounts with more than 1.2 million AP and older than 30 days)

    • 8 Hypercubes
    • 4 Resistance Fireworks
    • 4 Enlightened Fireworks

Ingress2x2 Bundle VR (10,000 CMU; for Agents with more than 40 million AP)

    • 2 Apex
    • 2 Very Rare Battle Beacon

Ingress2x2 Bundle R (7,500 CMU)

    • 2 Apex
    • 2 Rare Battle Beacon

Happy leveling Agents! If you choose to participate in this event please follow your areas health and safety guidelines.