Level 8 Weekend

Level 8 Day is this weekend Agents! If you are new to the game, every year Ingress celebrates level 8 day in August. This is to celebrate the accomplishment of getting to Level 8 in the game and to help those who may be close to leveling, get there quicker!

Event Details

This event will be running shortly, from Friday, August 6th 4PM UTC to Monday, August 9th 4PM UTC. The following bonus’s will be implemented for the duration of the event:

  • 2X AP on all actions
  • 2X deploy L8 Resonators
  • Drone cooldown reduced to 8 mins
  • Each successful Glyph earns 88 AP

Level 8 Patch Medal and Bundle

Bonus’s on glyphs, double ap, and drone cooldown? What is there not to like? On top of this there is going to be a medal that Agents with 1,200,000 AP and above can purchase in the in app store! There is also a free bundle that will be available for everyone to celebrate this weekend!

Resistance Patch medal (2,500 CMU)/ Enlightened Patch medal (2,500 CMU)

You can buy one, or both of them agents!

Level 8 Weekend Bundle (0 CMU) 

  • 8 Hypercubes
  • 4 Resistance Fireworks
  • 4 Enlightened Fireworks

I hope you all have an amazing Level 8 Weekend Agents! If you have not reached Level 8 yet, take advantage of the double ap and use an apex if you have one to quickly level up! As always, please follow your local areas health and safety guidelines. If you would like to join the conversation on this event, join the forum post here! Share your experiences on social media agents with the hashtag #level8weekend and have a great time!