Limited Edition Anomaly Pack & Circle K Portals

Earlier today Ingress announced the Limited Edition Anomaly Pack for purchase in the In-App store. It’s mentioned a few times that these will only be available for a limited time (unknown, but assumed until the end of the #Abaddon anomaly), and is currently the only method to obtain Niantic Beacons.



And you have to admit, the Niantic beacon looks pretty dang sexy.

Today we were also alerted that Circle K portals were coming online into the portal network via a post on reddit.


Circle K is the largest independent convenience-store operator in the United States. Their locations are known to be the support network for a worldwide group of archaeologists and treasure-hunters created by Circle K’s founder, Fred Hervey. Their quest is to find a group of lost, ancient XM Artifacts inscribed with the ‘Sustain’ Glyph and possessing power, vitalizing properties.


Is this just a promised number of physical visit impressions by Niantic to Circle K, or will there psychical in-store items with passcodes (like Hint Water)? There is a highly speculative picture listing in-store items for passcode coupons at different rarities, but because I don’t want to cause another pay2play shit storm announcement… I’ll let you look for yourself and you form your own speculations. When official info comes out we’ll be able to see what the facts are, and again just know this might be fake: Image. Update: Turns out the image was indeed correct and I have no issue posting it here now:



The majority of the Circle K Portals have come online around Phoenix, AZ.


We’ll update this post with more info as it becomes available.

Here are a few locations to see these portals for yourself: