Linking Hearts with XM

It is the season of love Agents, and today starts the Linking Hearts with XM Event!

It’s time to connect with your loved ones through the XM Network. We’d love to hear your Ingress Valentine’s stories and be shown your field arts filled with Love through the hashtag #IngressValentines. We believe, in return, the XM Network may whisper LOVE back to you

Niantics announcement in this event.

Event Details

This event will be running from Today, Friday, 11 February, 17:00 UTC to Tuesday, 15 February, 17:00 UTC. The following heartening behaviors are expected to be seen in the Ingress Scanner for the duration of the event:

  • Glyph sequences filled with love (YES GLYPHS ARE LOVE)
  • Higher chance of SoftBank Ultra Link from Portal Hacks
  • SoftBank Ultra Link Program: Kinetic energy distance reduced from 8km to 4km
  • Agents will be able to create Links and Fields under Fielded areas (Links will still not be able to cross other Links). As opposed to previous announcement, there will be no limit in length of Link created under Fielded areas


Also available for the duration of this event in the Ingress Store:

  • limited-time Ingress Valentine’s 2022 Medal (2500 CMU)


We will be updating this section to show which messages Agents recieve in this event! Thank you to the Glyph Journal And All of the Agents that have been dming me with proof of these sequences. You are all amazing, we got so many of them within the first hour!

Document of current list

1 Glyph Sequence

  • Heart

2 Glyph Sequences

  • Contemplate Love
  • Defend Heart
  • Discover Love
  • Heart Heart
  • Love All
  • Love Now
  • More Heart
  • More Love
  • Repair Heart
  • Search Heart
  • Strong Heart

3 Glyph Sequences

  • Courage Love Self
  • Create Love Together
  • Defend Pure Love
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Forget Love Not
  • Heart Heart Heart
  • Heart Lead Destiny
  • Heart/Love Equal Mystery
  • Heart/Love Nourish Courage
  • Human Love Unbounded
  • Live Love Repeat
  • Love All Human
  • Love Create Civilization 
  • Love Create Future
  • Love End Conflict
  • Love End Fear
  • Love Equal Answer
  • Love Equal Future
  • Love Equal Key
  • Love Inside Resistance
  • Love Nourish Human
  • Love Your Self
  • Mystery Inside Heart
  • Search Your Heart
  • Strong Inside Love

4 Glyph Sequences

  • Abandon War Create Love
  • Accept Weak Love Self
  • All Answer Inside Love
  • All Safety Inside Love
  • Capture Heart Capture Human 
  • Conflict Heart Conflict Soul
  • Create Love Not War
  • Death End Love Not
  • Discover Destiny Inside Love
  • Discover Love Inside Journey 
  • Distance Impure Love Lie
  • Harm Heart Forget Love (Need a screenshot)
  • Have Love Have Harmony
  • Heart Heart Heart Heart
  • Human Heart Complex Potential 
  • Less Harm more Love
  • Love Again Live Again
  • More Heart/Love More Courage
  • Nourish Heart Nourish Soul
  • Pure Love Escape Death
  • Search Soul Inside Heart/Love
  • Simple Heart/Love Simple Answer
  • Use Courage Discover Love
  • Weak Body Strong Heart

5 Glyph Sequences

  • Accept/open mind Accept/Open Soul Love
  • Avoid Chaos Have Self Love (need Screenshot)
  • Change Human Destiny Discover Love (Need screenshot)
  • Change Human Destiny Use Love
  • Change Perspective Save Heart/Love Soul
  • Discover Love Discover Harmony 
  • Enlightenment Resistance Love Strong Civilization
  • Forget Harm Forget Lie Love 
  • Forget Past Conflict Pursue Love
  • Forget Past Harm Heart/Love Again
  • Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
  • Heart Path Complex Mystery Chaos 
  • Heart/Love Technology Advance Technology Now
  • Human Heart/love Strong Pure Key 
  • Journey Inside Discover Heart Truth
  • Link Us Heart Create Future 
  • Lose Heart/Love Destroy Human Soul
  • Love Nature nourish Nature Together
  • More Courage Advance Human Heart
  • More Love Less Conflict War 
  • Nemesis Lose Portal Heart Chaos
  • Open Mind Open Soul Love
  • Question Heart Discover Truth Self
  • Search Your Heart Discover Courage
  • See Heart See Human Truth (need Screenshot)
  • Shapers Create Chaos Change Heart
  • Share Truth Escape Impure Heart
  • Strong Love equal Strong Shield (need screenshot)


Agents, i hope you get to enjoy this event as much as my glyph loving heart will! If you choose to participate please follow your local areas health and safety guidlines. As always, glyph on Agents!

Featured images belong and were created by Niantic.