Lirpa Anomaly Report

Although this was an April Fools prank for 4/1/2015, the results were actually calculated in each city as described. 

Shortly after the end of the Shonin Anomaly, Jay Philips contacted Fev asking if we could report on the next anomaly series so it is with great honour we exclusively present the Lirpa anomaly series!

Round 1 covered 5 cities in Australia with Melbourne the primary site. After Perth had been selected for 3 connected cells and 3 shards over past anomalies, they finally got an anomaly of their own with the Enlightened winning by 1,331 points. It’s very unusual to see Adelaide being selected again, only days after their first anomaly but with quite the opposite outcome however the Resistance are still holding control of the regional cell there. The Enlightened won this round by almost 10 thousand points. The enlightened managed to capture more than double the portals than the Resistance did (worth 2 points in the primary city and 1 point in the remote cities).


Round 2 covered cities from around Asia. The Enlightened are really getting out there winning in all 5 cities with their biggest win in the primary city of Seoul by 3,954 points. There were two cities in this round that didn’t create a single volatile portal between both sides (by building level 8 portals which are worth 10 for primary cities and 5 for remote cities.)


Round 3 took place in Europe with the primary site in Valletta, the capital city of Malta. In this round, the Enlightened walked away with almost 5 times as many links as the Resistance (worth 2 points in the primary city and 1 point in the remote cities).L3-

Round 4 was for North America and the Resistance finally won their first two cities since winning the Shonin series but it wasn’t enough to win the round with the Enlightened winning with almost double the points. The connected Fields were the biggest point grabbers this time for the Enlightened with 411 of them established across all five cities (worth 10 points in primary cities and 5 in remote cities)


The final round was spread out over South America and Africa and ended with the Enlightened winning almost every scoring category in every city. Of notable mention is the Enlightened controlling 98.4% and 99.7% of the total Regional Cell score for Panama and Ponce respectively (worth 10 points for every percentage point of the combined Regional score for all cities.)


87,533 points, 10,839 portals, 12,176 links, 4,799 fields, 25 cities, 6 continents. The Enlightened have won the Lirpa anomaly series.

The Enlightened are finally able to walk away as victors with an astonishing margin of 43,269 points (or 74.7% of the combined score) for the first time since the #13Magnus anomaly series back in 2013.